Conversations With My Brain

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The brain is probably the most intricate aspect of the human body directly affecting life and living. The only distinguishing feature between us and other lesser animals is in its usage. Some people will argue they’re not animals but wouldn’t wash their hands before a meal.

It’s weird that sometimes it decides to have a mind of its own. I hear it even influences dreams. Some people speak about themselves in a third party which I find a bit weird. I can only imagine the circus that goes on in their head, as they navigate through life, on a daily.

Have you ever stopped to catch your reflection in a mirror? You look into the mirror and wonder to yourself, dang I’m really ugly. What was God thinking when he made this combination? Sadly, my ears are the size of elephants. I don’t even have a choice when it comes to eavesdropping.

Indians definitely got the bad end of the deal. First, they live in one of the hottest regions on earth. To make matters a bit worse, they have a population of about 1.3 billion. The fun bit is God thinking, yeah there’s a lot of you, yeah it’s really hot at times, just to further mess with you, I’ll make you hairy, all over! Men and women alike.

Someone wishes me a happy birthday. Me to my brain, don’t say it! don’t say it! Don’t you dare say it! My Brain chuckling, “Same to you”. Darn it. You ever walk into a room with a plan and just as soon as you arrive, you forget why you came into the room in the first place? That’s just your brain doing brain things.

Of course, everyone suffers brain freeze every now and then. You struggle to remember something that’s so important to you and your current situation. It gets so bad that you can almost taste the information, but it still doesn’t come to you. In that scenario, asking someone for ideas to jump-start your brain is ill-advised. They always make it worse.

My brain just told me to stop being a snitch.

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  1. Very well written, all these things happen to me a lot. Especially forgetting things at the time I need them.
    Sometimes I keep humming a song and I just can’t remember which song is it. It gets so annoying..

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  2. You are wrong about India go and search for some actual facts first. You said India is situated at the hotest region in Earth, are you kinding me… I’ll accept the population fact and that it gets really hot at times but only in some parts what about Kashmir, you’ll find snow through out the year we have other hillstations too. Check the temperature of Bengaluru it’s neither hot nor cold through out the year.
    Both men and women are hairy? When did you verified that? Can I see your research work?
    Get some enlightenment…

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      1. There is nothing to be offended about, I am an Indian and I completely agree with what you have written. People need to understand the meaning behind a phrase and not go into unnecessary factual details.
        Btw, India as a whole has a relatively hotter temperature except the northern parts so you are not wrong.

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  3. Raise your hands, if you actually wash your hands before eating pizza! If I say we are all goats now ehn, na war I wan cause!

    Gottfried, stop snitching us Joor!

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