Lies We Tell Ourselves

You can fool yourself, you know. You’d think it’s impossible, but it turns out it’s the easiest thing of all. If you lie to yourself, you’re being delusional. If you cannot accept the truth and think to yourself otherwise, you’re in self-denial. Now look, if you repeat a lie you said to yourself to someone else, you’re a pathological liar. You know you are lying to yourself when you deny your passions and fail to pursue what excites you, regardless of what it is. This is a denial of your highest being and your truest self.

Five more minutes. You lie to yourself when you neglect to take care of yourself. You know you could have slept a lot earlier and all this wouldn’t be happening. But you chose binge-watching la casa de papel over precious, precious sleep. Now, look at you! In trying to catch five more minutes’ sleep, you have afforded the devil the opportunity to work his magic. God loves us, but the devil takes an interest. And sometimes, a deal with the devil is better than no deal at all.

They’ll pay the money they’re owing me. Well, first of all, I would like to say sorry to you. That money isn’t coming. If your company has owed you for three months straight, I think it’s time to cut your losses and sit your arse at home. If you really believe that a corporation will pay all the arrears owed in one month, then you must also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. If you’ve owed a sibling thrice, you go into the fourth debt with a renewed confidence. Odeshi

The secret to financial freedom is to increase my savings while tracking my spending. It all starts at the beginning of the month. Just after salary week. You throw wads of cash into your piggy bank.


Doing your best to keep the same energy.


At this point, you’re barely hanging on.


You’ve endured all month. All that’s left is a trigger for you to start spending! After all, you’ve earned it.


Back to square one. You can’t be saving peanuts and expect to be financially free. That’s wishful thinking. The answer is to increase your income! Anything else is Shalaye

I’m not afraid of the dark. But as soon as the lights go out, you start running. How convenient. The thing about darkness is that people don’t wait around to make sense of it. While at the university, the school made a law that boys and girls weren’t allowed to hang out together late at night. I knew there would be defaulters as the case is with any law.

So I decided to do something mischievous. On this day, I took my 1000W LED flashlight and went to the known hotspots. Before long I found a mark. I illuminated the unsuspecting couple going at it in the darkness and shouted:

Hey you, what are you doing there?

Without warning, they both took off, and I chased after them. They had covered quite some distance after which I stopped chasing and burst into fits of laughter. Best day ever!

I’m not scared of dying. I too am guilty of this one. I always think I’m prepared for the worst until the worst happens. This one time I’m in church and we’re singing a hymn that says…

Cast all your cares on him, for he cares for you

As we raise our voices to render the chorus, we suddenly hear a loud bang! Half the ushers flee from the premises and the instrumentalists stop playing! As I watch on, scared, I catch the pastor trying to will his legs to stop shaking. If I was the pastor, it’d take an additional twenty members to beg me out of the hole I’d have dug and hidden in.

My clothes aren’t all that dirty. You tell yourself this as you continue to pile up items of clothing on that chair that represents clothes that are…

dirty but can still be worn one last time

You keep up with this act till you look into your underwear box and you’re down to your last boxer. Congratulations, you played yourself. By the time you bring yourself to wash all those clothes, the pile alone can scare a blind man. Rather than wait for them to pile up, create a schedule so you don’t end up going to work naked on a Thursday!

I’m not fat. If anything, I just put on some weight and it fits me. Here’s how you know you’re betraying yourself. If you ever pass by a mirror and involuntarily suck in your tummy, then I’ve got news for you. It’s time to hit the gym! Also, I must say, going to the gym wouldn’t lead to drastic weight loss. You go to the gym to build muscle, not lose weight. If you really, really want to lose some weight. Go to a mental health facility and shout…

I’m not mad Oh!

Be a visionary. The visionary lies to themself, the liar, only to others. I lie to myself all the time. Sometimes as a coping mechanism, other times to delay thinking about the inevitable. The only issue with lying to myself is, I never believe me. Reality denied always comes back to haunt. There are two ways to be fooled, people! One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. In all, the best lies about me…

…are the ones I told

Β© Gottfried. All rights reserved.

168 thoughts on “Lies We Tell Ourselves

          1. No worries..I was just kidding. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
            No need to edit that , it’s rather interesting , if I must say so myself πŸ˜ƒ

            Ps- Have a good day! Stay blessed and happy πŸ’«πŸ’™

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  1. I think sometimes we intentionally choose to be in self-denial and delusional, it’s just a less tough pill to swallow. The truth sometimes hurts, although we always clamour we want that over a lie.

    I personally would prefer the truth over a lie, I prefer to be hurt now than to have to deal with the lie in the future cos the universe always has a way of bringing the truth to light.

    Nice piece!!

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  2. Starting from the fact that you might have actually chased those guys….I wish I did something like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The savings just like reserved fuel…

    What is expected of him to say if he isn’t really mad …cause “I’m not mad oh” is the wrongest hit…the nurses be saying yes they know yet strangling the guy…

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    1. haha they were running so fast I could barely catch up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      My brother πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Once you say you’re not mad, it’s taken as confirmation that you’re actually mad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. I’m injured. I only make 50 dollars a week. work part time. my job is a community that gives free housing and meals (so that comes out of the cash money i make). but it’s a long walk to the cafeteria. it’s cold. it isn’t a stable life style. If you take a nap after work and sleep through “dinner time” you simply don’t get fed. They keep advising me to “save” 10 to 20 dollars a week out of the 50, but it is crazy. like saving peanuts. i was trying to apply for disability or even just food stamps… but it has been hard getting in touch with them, they don’t answer the calls. getting ‘medical confirmation’ of my disability has been all but impossible. i never have any idea what to do. I have chronic fatigue related to having limes disease… but it a hard life, i am often just placed with people who are very mentally ill or brain damaged, it has gone on and on… and that really isn’t my crowd. sorry, it’s just your article reminds me how they give me less then i need for food, but then tell me to “save” lol. Yes as a young collage person i could have been energized and lived on 50 a week, but i eat more now. i burn more now. i have more to deal with now. I miss going out to eat. I missing having variety and adventure in life. I buy the cheepst food only. I have no plan for my future. it is scary. I keep lying to people for years telling them i will be able to work full time again in a few months. then i am honest with them and say that i can’t, yet their eyes glaze over, they aren’t listening, there is no plan for my life.

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    1. So sorry to hear this. Crazy that if you sleep through dinner, all you have is oxygen.

      I pray something changes soon. Nobody deserves to live without being able to afford a variety of meals.

      Saving when you can’t afford a decent living is a scam.

      Hang in there. ❀

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      1. thank you. yeah like people here keep advising me how to save, when i am like beyond expert level in the being poor department. i know where cheep stuff is located. i don’t even spend much anyway. i’m a love guy, not a materials person. but this has been crazy the last few years. 1 dollar noodls do have “20 grams” of protein. i’ve done the research. but there is more i want out of life. I’m not going hungry. but i have chronic pain. it’s hard to manage. i have a bigger plan for life rather then being in ‘survival mode’. it gets sad, i start blaming myself, orveranalizign my smallest mistakes. “saving” at this point in the game is a distraction from the actually problem. gotta get some cash. it’s been like this 5 years. i don’t want people to think I’m mentally ill just because I’m poor. but poverty is treated like a mental illness. like it’s “your fault”. kind of thing.

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        1. Yeah, I totally get you. You need to rise above this somehow. I feel like the first jump you have to make is rising above your situation in your head.

          Help usually comes from the unlikliest sources so you have to keep trying everyday till you get your big break.

          As long as there is life, there is hope. You’re more than a survivor.

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  4. I would sort of disagree about the spending one. There is an undeniable reality to the reward process of addiction…. And spending/buying is just another addiction that either can or cannot be beat.
    If within a position where the ache to spend is inevitable, and appears to BE inevitable, this means there has never been freedom from that addiction.

    It’s possible or probable that the addiction of consumerism doesn’t NEED to be beaten. But it’s still an addiction and mirrors the properties and patterns of temptation/reward. To the effect that needs are not met, but the itch to buy is satisfied.
    Case in point…. Budget to give yourself a laundry service, and you eliminate the worry about clothes.

    But that’s not the problem THERE. The problem is that clothing has become so relatively inexpensive, after only a few months you will spend more money washing them than what you spent on them. So clothing becomes a sink-hole. The chair is their time-out for being such a flawed process….

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    1. Had to read this at least twice. Are you suggesting that maybe breaking your piggyback is as a result of an ingrained ‘Spending adiction’?

      Some like myself hate laundry. Having to pay someone else to do it hurts just as much seeing as you could make time to do it.

      The conclusion is a masterpiece. The chair is a ‘Time-out’. Love it.

      Also, maybe did you lie to yourself about any of the excuses you’ve given or this is just well executed satire?

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      1. Oh it’s satire, but somewhat concrete. Addiction is real. We are creatures that go AWAY from pain and TO pleasure.

        The piggy-bank phenom happens because the CESSATION of the reward makes the EVENTUAL reward more pleasurable…. And the piggy-bank phenom of always falling to cracking it open…. Becomes an addiction within an addiction. Deeper into the rabbit hole….

        The truth … The truth is that money isn’t that important. So your answer to just earn more if you want to spend more, is as good as any.
        Only thing, you get old on a pension, and are faced with doing the opposite of that. Money becomes a finite object, in need of careful redistribution. So the absurdities are in the process itself. And these are all in the ranges of where the science of economics meets the science of sociology.

        It’s easy to assume that old processes were decided by those who weren’t that bright, or less bright. But most of them are at fault because they morphed over time from something that DID work. And generations now have slept and not “seen” because tranced…..tranced to follow. And so it all goes out of sync. Buttons are still on shirts because they were easy to sew and fix…. Yet nobody handsews anymore. All kinds of disjointed idiocy. It’s very depressing….

        Lol…. Despite the frustrations, I like looking at things, see if they can get shifted into better modes. The clothing one is definitely a conundrum. Maybe nudists are on the right track….I have no idea. 😁
        I think there’s an answer. Korea has an interesting enterprise there, involving rentals.

        Yet the problem is self perception, and clothing as a way to influence others on how they perceive you. Not really a problem, but that’s the font, the button that is pushed. The puppet string that is yanked.

        And as far as lies…. That’s sort of warping of the term liar itself. The process of deception …. Most definitely becomes more entertaining when it turns to its final grounding point…. The deception of the self. Noting that only falls farther and farther into the PERCEPTION of deception.

        And frankly, seeing deception at every turn, is insanity-inducing. The mistrust of others, including the mistrust of THOSE who set up these ridiculous systems. Long dead and I assume laughing in their graves….

        We’ll live. Already survived them, so what the hell. πŸ˜‰

        And thank you.

        For the discussion.
        We see on a level BECAUSE we have been programmed alike. This is the thing….lol…. on the same trajectories. The thing to maintain in the midst of that, is the ability to unplug.

        If you can unplug, and then return to your world with it still making sense….. That’s called good enough.

        I unplugged from the news for Lent ….
        Suffice it to say, it’s not making any sense upon returning to it, even briefly. Oops….

        There IS a rhyme and reason. Don’t worry. That’s my lie to myself? No… The lie is thinking there is none.

        I’m off to walk the dog and then do some gardening. And now I can breathe. Less cars on the road, and I can breathe.

        I don’t have to be rich and have a house in the country, to breathe.

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        1. “It’s easy to assume that old processes were decided by those who weren’t that bright, or less bright” I genuinely think this to myself every other day. “All kinds of disjointed idiocy. It’s very depressing” You sound like an old head who has seen it all.

          I share your belief that nudists just maybe on the right track. Lol. So you argue that deception in itself is flawed by perception. interesting. Haha, I think the government only lets us know so much. And there are people who believe they know a lot without realizing there’s so much they haven’t yet been exposed to. Maybe don’t change the use of buttons, just reduce it to Jackets and coats.

          You’re like the grandest of conspiracy theorists to ever walk the planet. Love it. “The lie is thinking there is none” should be quoted on a white T-shirt or a headstone depending on the individual preferences.

          You’re one of the lucky few that still have access to fresh air, unlike those of us in the metropolis.

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          1. I AM a metropolis. All the cars are sitting in the driveways and people staying home for covid, I’m finally getting the oxygen they all feed to their cars.

            And yes, I could do a lot of damage in the weight of conspiracy theories. If I wanted to f*ck people over they would get f*cked…. But mostly I like looking at the ego-boosters and wondering how I will ever achieve humility? Lmao…. Flatter will get you everywhere.

            No…. You’re not bad yourself. “Forget saving, make more money.” (Paraphrased). That’s how I worked things when I was young. I looked at piggy bank as the anti-thesis to saving….a leftover from the days when parents thought that being cruel to children builds character.

            I find knowledge is the greater prize. However, it’s very easy to fool yourself, lie to yourself that you are indeed rich with knowledge. Which memorization does not equal a function foundation of knowledge.

            I would rather have a functioning foundation of knowledge, than the largest data set of memorized crap. So that’s what I’ve worked in my 50 some-odd years.

            Don’t take my nudity assertion seriously….. But there is a balance to be had.

            I DO like the progression from drawers to cubbies. One wall in every house should be cubbies, screw dressers.
            A lot of these things are also leftovers from the days of servants. Even if that servant is a wife. The process makes it harder for the set up than the finish. So you have drawers, that are nice for one party to open and find their things, but crap for the person that has to put the things in the drawers and figure out how to fit it all. And then when you combine that… One person putting crap in and out of a drawer? It just becomes ridiculous.

            Time saps….. For the sake of being normal??? Screw that.

            The best way is probably to wash once a month, everything.

            In between, hang and febreeze. Let that be it.
            And somehow use the wash and fold for a zen process, like a class in zen you take each month.
            It might make some sense to shop for so many outfits, wear them, get rid of them, rinse and repeat.
            But that probably doesn’t lead to a good psychological state of mind.
            “The best of all possible worlds.”
            It’s not. But all change must be gradual and poised to backtrack.

            I’m trying to look at the hopeful thing, within our current covid-reality. Which is that there’s more oxygen for ME… as opposed to burning it all inside the pistons of cars.
            It’s a very slight difference in actual oxygen levels, but physiology will shut down and breathe less in less oxygen-rich environments. That’s why you go to woods, go camping and take these big gulps of air…. The body is happy to breathe more, because that function limits itself under certain conditions.

            Oh course the irony is that you have to go up in altitude with less air, to breathe more deeply… That’s where the screwu all happens, but is it a deliberate screwu? I don’t know, but it seems to me that we COULD have devised a system where there is actual air WHERE we are living. So I kind of have a problem with all that. As in, it pisses me off.
            Lower oxygen leads to lethargy… So they drive around more with no energy…. To drive around more with less energy…. To drive around more with no energy….

            And then blame lung disease on a million other things, cancer on a million other things… Convince people their only hope is to invest in oil….. And fight over it.

            Yea…..i see it all.

            It sucks, and I try not to engage others this deeply. My advice is don’t let any of the sh*t spin you. And don’t let the knowledge of how evil people can be, throw you. It’s not games, it’s scary. I’m aware.
            Is it crazy to bar my door? Not when I can sleep when I do. Is it crazy to have no locks at all? (My son keeps his house that way.) It’s only another way to sleep with no fear.

            So don’t let things spin into that area of seeing ONLY the evil machinations and manipulations. It becomes self-fulfilling prophecy, and you end up scewing yourself. Mission accomplished by those who manipulated the manipulators….lol. oh the gaslighting I’ve known….

            You take care, fellow spirit. The one thing I can tell you is that it’s going to be ok, and that you don’t have to believe that for it to be true.
            I don’t offer much flattery…. But you’re good. It’s a good blog.

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          2. “Flatter will get you everywhere” Men discovered this really early in the day. πŸ˜…

            Look who’s proudly clocked half a century. 😁

            Wearing draws in this day and age would earn you a mild sentence with an option of parole.

            Hahaha, more oxygen for you. Shame you kept all the trees to yourself.

            The Arabs will like to have a word over your oil remark.

            Ah, self fulfilling prophesy. I know a guy who didn’t believe in locking his door. He’s homeless now. 😁

            It’s going to be okay. ❀

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  5. Security Gottfried, I’ll need that touch of yours after this Covid’19 is over let me try that also. Lol
    And you also have to tell me the hotspot corner tho

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      1. I’ll jot it down if there is a change in venue. Lol
        Because the present occupants of that area at the said time, my guy you no like make I trespass

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  6. Hahaha, dat part of keeping clothes on the table to be worn ‘one last time’, m guilty of dat oneπŸ˜€. U see, I just told myself d truth, it’s pretty simple😎

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    1. Great man, I love naked TRUTH and I appreciate you same way, truth is the only naked pictures I love to watch, that’s the reason I detest seeing porn pics or clips, truth heals while lies are sickening, it sometimes takes thousands of lies to cover a single lie, but truth lives on to give peace, joy and contentment, God bless you bro

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  7. ‘I can always do it’. Something I tell myself as excuse for procrastination. Truth is, I can always do it, but I may end up not doing it. Or do it late. And the ‘it’ is usually very important.

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  8. Lol nice piece. This breaking of piggy bank stuff really especially when you feel broke but you know you could be really rich in a sec. Lol crazy then you are back to square zero

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  9. This is a very thoughtful topic to kick off with. I know how tempting it is to break a piggy box when you broke, God help me with that.
    Also, I remember when I got so angry that I told my brother to kill me, I want to die. I was really scared when I said that mehn! Lol

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  10. I am lying about my passion such that I can’t even say it out to myself also.
    I am generally very NEAT so I can’t relate to that part.
    Corona made me become fragile (Now scared of dying)

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  11. The earlier you begin to tell yourself the truth, the better and more reasonable it is for you to take charge of your life, own up and find your way to your freedom!
    Well-done πŸ‘

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  12. Since I’ve chosen a life of brutal honesty, I find it hard to lie to myself or to others. But if I should tell a lie, I’m so readily believed, it’s amazing!

    I still detest lying, although the consequences of telling the truth in our society is damning!

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