Are We Really Higher Animals?

Once viewed as the only creatures with emotions, morality, and culture; Humans are living off past glories. Apes, Orangutans amongst others are making greater strides than we ever imagined. Human “smartness” is just a particular survival strategy among many others. It’s not the top of a long ladder. We’ve not really been kicking it, it’s been majorly about surviving.

Retentive memory. Chimpanzees, for instance, can easily beat humans at recalling a set of numbers if they were displayed for a fraction of a second. If you’re having difficulty believing, think about how many times you’ve gone into a room and forgot why you went in, in the first place. Next time it happens, just remember that there is at least one chimp laughing at you from the shadows.

Resilience. Octopuses can learn to open pill bottles protected by childproof caps, which many humans can’t figure out on their own. If we try to make excuses for ourselves, we’d say; humans have a beating heart and as such, they collapse under pressure! Think again! Octopuses have THREE hearts. And they somehow manage to open pill bottles faster than you and me under immense pressure. Pathetic, I’m not buying it!


Peaceful. Every animal is peaceful as long as you don’t disturb it. Not only is this true, but it is damnably good advice. Take it and remember it. Humans, on the other hand, are far from peaceful. We are inherently aggressive, violent, and competitive, cooperating only for personal gain. It takes only a little misunderstanding for us to show our true nature. If you ever catch yourself chanting on as a petty thief is about to be lynched, you’re only just being human.

Longevity. When you switch on a kitchen light and see a cockroach scuttle for safety you can’t help seeing it as a lower form of life. Unfortunately, there are a lot more of them than there are of us and they have been around far, far longer. Matter of fact, on recent evidence, our days seem to have been numbered. Cockroaches could withstand anything, even a nuclear bomb, and they are well on their way to outlasting us. AGAIN


Loyalty. We don’t offer nearly as much loyalty as dogs. Humans are ready to stab you in the back for a price. Every human has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is. Beavers will stay faithful until their mate dies. They also don’t move far away from their parents when they are establishing a new colony. If a human manages to do 10 years, even society will applaud them for trying that hard. Hands up if you can’t wait to get away from your parents.

Purpose. Why are you really here? Ants look at us and wince when we say that we have a clear cut plan for our lives. These creatures have assigned roles from birth, according to their gender. The women work, while the men stand in line and wait for their turn to service the queen. Now to you. At 12, you wanted to become a Pilot. At 18, the dream changed to advanced chemical engineering. And then at the ripe age of 32…

Welcome to my Youtube channel! Today we’ll be addressing the agelong debate. Messi versus Ronaldo

Now ask yourself one more time. Are we really higher animals?

I think not.

© Gottfried. All rights reserved

276 thoughts on “Are We Really Higher Animals?

  1. We are only higher animals from our own perspective. In reality, we’re no more significant than any other sentient creature. Throw a normal person into the wilderness and they’d be dead in weeks. “Intelligence” is relative.

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  2. Great post. I have always wondered why humans feel they have a right to destroy the habitat of other beings as if they are supreme.

    I remember working at a provincial park one summer and whenever a camper reported an anthill on their site I was supposed to spray it with pesticide.

    I was thinking, “why do we think we can choose who has the right to be here? Why can’t people just avoid the anthill?”

    I spent all summer filling the sprayer with plain water and spraying hills in front of happy campers who would leave the next day not knowing any better. They thought I was killing ants and all was right in their world.

    It made me laugh.

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    1. It really pisses me off how we get to choose what gets destroyed or not. It makes my blood boil!

      Do you get! What did the ants every do to us? We’re the ones encroaching, not them!

      We have no right!

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  3. If animals could speak human languages, we would be in biiiig trouble. So much nonsense human species have done on this planet. We are apes with a neo-cortex. Somehow that part looks more of an accident because only a few humans know how to use that part effectively. For most of the human society, the frontal part is a rarely used appendage ;P

    just kiddin!

    but yeah Humans have been beating their own drum for too long. We even declared the Lion as the king of the jungle…actually no other animal gives a toss to a Lion being the king. Similarly, we appointed oursleves the overlords of this planet. Too much hype over a little bit of extra brain..thanks to evolution.

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    1. Haha, how are you sure they don’t already speak. Dogs and cats always look like they have a thing or two going on. 😹

      “Apes with a neo-cortex” took me out 😹😹😹

      All I’m saying. We’ve been acting like kings for too long. Evolution maybe a curse in disguise, no?

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    2. Exactly!
      That is why read the last paragraph of my post of CoViD-19.

      “The need of this hour is to awaken the spirit of compassion and a sense of satisfaction, specifically among the rich and the elite. They are the ones who need the spiritual evolution the most, because they are the ones who decide the societal destiny of all the mortals on this planet. If they fall below the level of human dignity and character, then we all are doomed. They need to come out of their ‘God-complex’ and live a fuller life of inclusiveness rather than a constipated existence of the confinement is –me and mine. “

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