Traffic Series

I'm sure at some point, every single one of us has been stuck in a traffic jam for one reason or the other. I mean, it could well be that a section of a road wouldn't let go of the tires, hence causing an overload. There's a host of other things that happen to cause a traffic … Continue reading Traffic Series


I woke up several rainy seasons ago to the song "to God be the glory" and guess who's voice was loudest. Yeah, you guessed right, dad. I'm starting a series of memoirs that would also serve as a memento to immortalize individuals that have thus far left a mark in my life, beginning with this post. The voice was high pitched so it … Continue reading Emmanuel


You ever look at someone and wonder at how they've survived this long-living the way they have? Then you know how it is with Davies. His parents missed a trick by not naming him "survivor" like your typical Igbo parents. He is a modern-day "cyborg" with a beating heart and blood running through his veins … Continue reading Davies