How To Deal With Nagging

Behind a nagging woman, there is a man not doing what he's supposed to. My wife's nagging is like living near the airport. After a while, you don't notice it anymore. You see, there are only three things women need in life. Food, water, and compliments. Any woman that's trying to get you to provide … Continue reading How To Deal With Nagging


Whitemail is the use of fear, obligation, and guilt to control another person. It's a rare strain of emotional blackmail found in adults over forty years of age. The self is like a pimping blackmailing chauffeur who gets you from here to there on word lines. Always remember this. You are not special. You are … Continue reading Whitemail

A Legacy

What is happiness? Happiness is knowing that you don't have kids at home when you're at the grocery store. You don’t have to get anything for anyone but yourself. It is ordering two Shawarmas' and eating both because you live alone. Happiness is dialing someone's number and hearing that the caller you’ve dialed is busy. … Continue reading A Legacy