Lord Moh

The Lord Moh era was one of the darkest times in the history of the Moh family. We had on our hands a grown man trapped in a teenager’s body. An old soul if you may. He was ready to have intellectual arguments all day long. He questioned everything! He would create a topic for argument, pick a side and physically force you to participate. Terrifying

At some point, I started to think he was trying to set me up. One time we were playing together in the living room. As football fanatics, everything with a round shape represented a football. Before long, we were playing with an orange in the living room. His “goal post” was between the TV stand and the floor. I took aim and hit the orange with all the force I could muster. Instead of going ground level, the orange took flight and headed straight for the Television. True to his craft, Lord Moh dodged. And the rest they say, is history.

He was house chore challenged. He didn’t quite see a need for his involvement, but my folks weren’t having it. We had a roster for doing the dishes. One time, on his turn, he rubbed soap all over the plates and cups, left them in the sink, and vanished. When he was asked why didn’t he didn’t rinse them off, his reply was, “I was only asked to wash them, not rinse.” A diplomat.

I was taller and bigger than he was so he lived in a permanent complex. Every once in a while, he would tackle me to the ground and pin me down. Why? well just because he could! Why wrestle with someone that isn’t even interested? This isn’t the UFC, you’re not the stylebender.

In secondary school, he was a softie. This one time, he attempted to punish a junior student but the lad wouldn’t budge. I still can’t wrap my head around why he got so angry, he started to cry? A disappointment. An older brother I was supposed to look up to couldn’t even handle his business. Don’t ask me what I did about it.

He loves introspection. At regular intervals, he weighed all the individuals in his life at the time and if they didn’t meet the minimum requirements, we inaugurated a panel and judged them. He was also obsessed with making me into a version of himself, but thankfully, as a born rebel, his plans fell through. If they’d worked, you wouldn’t be reading this today. You’re welcome.

These days Lord Moh is easily the most logical and rational thinker around. His work ethic and commitment to leadership are unparalleled. But as with most great minds, he’s, of course, a bit nuts. He could go from Einstein to Mr. Bean in seconds. But we’re not worried, it’s all part of the growth process. And when he does read this, I hope he knows that his little brother loves him to death. And if anybody tries to hurt him, I’m going to war with them.

Yes, even you mom.

© Gottfried. All rights reserved.

144 thoughts on “Lord Moh

  1. Is that Lord Moh’s way of forcing your mom to buy a dish washer? Hahaha. I have a relative who threw all the dishes to the floor and smashed many of them when my grandmother asked him to do dish chores. My grandmother coddled and indulged him all the same. My grandmother brought him up but she just doesn’t have the heart to teach him any life lessons. Finally he grew up to be a normal human being. What a relief. We had all thought he’s going to be incorrigible and unteachable, but he survived my grandmother’s pampering.

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