The Keys To Happiness

What makes you happy? Is it putting a smile on the faces of others? Or maybe it’s seeing your enemies suffer? True story, if you’ve ever been bullied, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a bully suffer for their crimes. Back in school a particular bully did so poorly in an examination, he had to repeat a class. Call me evil, but there was a wide grin πŸ˜€ on my face when I heard the lovely news. Retribution

Happiness is actually in the little things. The simplest things that tickle us and brighten our day. Some people laugh when they get tickled, but for robots like me, I get annoyed instead. From a gesture of someone you love to even a smile from someone you barely know. Happiness is closely related to momentary peace of mind. The euphoric feeling that all things are possible at that moment. However splendid this feeling is, it mostly doesn’t last. More like a dose of meth, you’re still usually hit with the harsh realities. You look in the mirror and yup, still ugly πŸ˜‘.

Find a reason to live. Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be. For most people, this is the biggest challenge. Some haven’t quite figured out why the big man sent them here. Chatting with mom’s the other day and I told her, “I’m not quite sure why I’m struggling, but struggle, I must!”. So if you’ve been lucky enough to realize your calling, and that it’s to be a thorn in someone else’s flesh, embrace it, stick to your task and ensure you’re happy doing it 😁. Dedication

Don’t grow up. It’s no secret that children enjoy longer bouts of happiness than adults. The older you get, the less your chances of being and staying happy. This is purely deducted from poorly done research. There are people that haven’t smiled all week and trust me, it’s not because there’s no money in their bank accounts. It’s the affairs of life constantly weighing them down. But it’s better to cry in a Ferrari. Right?

Pick up a baby. Not just any baby. Of course, you know there are babies that look like they pay rent and owe interest on a bank loan. I’ll tell you this, nothing warms a heart more than a toothless smile from a cute baby. It gets better when they start to laugh as you tickle them. All this to set you up for when they let one rip, accompanied by showers, but you’ve already been baptized once. Next thing you know, you need an inhaler because when these little rascals do a number, no air freshener can save you. Poop

Eat. Now, this could go either way. Some people lose their marbles at the sight of food. Others don’t care much and will eat whatever they’re offered. It’s been scientifically proven that she’ll be in a much better mood after wolfing down a bowl of food. So rather than ask what’s wrong, suggest ice cream or catfish pepper soup. There’s something about women and fish (I’ll save this for later). Proceed to lecture her about how it’s bad for her health afterward. Suicide

As you read this, I expect that you have a broad smile on your face. If there isn’t one, your problems are probably bigger than me and my jokes. You might want to seek help, you sad soul. Better yet, drink cold water. But know this, the only person truly responsible for your happiness…

Is you

Β© Gottfried. All rights reserved.

186 thoughts on “The Keys To Happiness

  1. The littlest most simplistic things made me happy. Too many of them to list but off the top and what I love most –

    The smell of fresh hay and sound of contented horses munching away on feed.

    The sound thundering hooves when you gallop flat out on sand or grass.

    The dogs snuggling up first thing in the morning when Mark has left for work and they run upstairs to nick his warm spot. There’s a strange mix of the dogs smelling warm and sleepy and Mark’s deodorant faintly wafting across the landing and into the bedroom. It’s just really comforting.

    The smell of the river which is a weird mix of algae, soil and grass.

    Blackbirds chattering at dusk and β€œfollowing” me along the hedges and trees at dawn.

    Long grass and leaves rustling / tree branches creaking quietly in heavy winds.
    Watching autumn leaves caught up in a gust of wind and swirling around like children on a playground.

    Seeing tiny green shoots emerge that says the daffodils are waking up and it’s almost spring.

    Watching little kids tuck into their meals without any shame or table manners they just cram it in and enjoy every last morsel.

    The sound of an acoustic piano sustain pedal when pressed and it makes that perfect β€œthud” noise when the dampers lift from the strings. It’s one of those sounds I think only fellow musicians and pianists will both know and love.

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      1. The said β€œthud” is right at the start of this in case you or anyone else is wondering. Think what does it for me is that it marks the start of sitting down to play the piano and getting lost.

        Love to peer over the top and actually see the whole damper lift away from the strings it does something to me πŸ™‚

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      2. Think piano is something many people wish they could play and assume they can’t because it’s too late or too complex.

        It ain’t necessarily so. I ditched formal music theory in my teens cos I cannot read sheet music (have Dyscalculai or number dyslexia which affects how my brain processes numbers, charts, visuospatial abilities etc) Head of music was a vile bully and ripped me to shreds because of it so I quit music but stayed in musical theatre which is when I went back and fell in love with piano and drums all over again πŸ˜€

        If you really fancy playing piano, get a second hand digital and just play around and do what you can and what you enjoy. They have headphone jacks so you can plug in, play and not bother anyone else and YouTube makes life easier for people looking to learn and grasp the basics nowadays anyway πŸ™‚

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      3. Tell you what, should you decide you really want to play at any time in the future, give me a nudge and I will gladly give you the keyboard for our old digital. No pressure or hassle though honest I’d planned to keep it and use for Sam’s ever growing studio so it’s not going anywhere if you can’t make use of it.

        If you can find a use, don’t want to shell out for a new one or they’re not as easy to come by in your part of the world its yours. Surprising how many countries need to get many instruments shipped from overseas we’ve sent and received stuff from all four corners of the Earth.

        Surprising how cheap you can get P&P if you’re not in a rush for it and don’t mind if it gets kinda bumped and shoved and kicked around a bit on the way.

        Keyboard itself still works and plays perfectly but the pedal board and speakers ended up in 3ft of river water during Storm Ciara earlier this year. Insurance covered the cost to replace all the instrument so I’ve already got a new piano due to be delivered end of Nov.

        Loved that digital it was only Β£400, not much to look at and didn’t come with any bells or whistles but that was why I chose it. It feels, plays and sounded absolutely superb plus there’s two headphone jacks on the back so we could both plug in and practice or doss and play duets without bugging everyone else. USB port and MIDI with additional ports for stand-alone pedals, loopers or mics etc.

        For me it’s all about the quality of the sound, the feel and responsiveness of the keys I don’t like or want 100 different voices, sound effects, buttons and crap that just saps the focus away from the actual sampling of the piano itself.

        This short clip includes audio from the same digital my daughter recorded the day before my Springer Spaniel died (boooooo)

        When I found this again recently it made me sad at first realising it’s been four years since I lost my little friend but then my other goon dog (the sheepdog that takes no shit from cocky sheep) rocks up, stretches out and stares right at Hannah’s camera as if to say β€œSup bitch?” and I burst out laughing. She does that.

        Piano really sounds and plays well. Whether I sound and play well is another matter altogether but you get the jist πŸ˜‰

        Nothing would make me happier than helping someone else rediscover a former love for music so if you want it – it’s yours. Gift from me and us to you and yours πŸ™‚

        Puddi appearing at the end of this clip. D’you know when Cass died the day after this, Puddi randomly nicked a golf-ball from two guys and ran off with it which she doesn’t do – just doesn’t do it. She wouldn’t drop it either and kept running off ahead giving me her stupid daft face β€œNo.. Not putting it down or giving it back we’re being chased c’mon lessgo”

        I will go to the grave never knowing what possessed me but I actually went along with her stupid idea and we literally ran and hid behind reeds on that golf course from these two men who only wanted their ball back.

        What possessed me to go along with that idea? I was bawling my heart out, crying horribly with big heaving sobs and snot bubbles the literal second before she nicked that ball then next second, I was doubled over belly laughing and we hid like two kids that just stole sweets from a shop.

        Sure that was a deliberate way to snap me out of that and go β€œHey – the world hasn’t ended it’s just changed a little bit that’s all. Now get your fat ass in gear we’re being chased by two grown men LEGGIT!!” 🀣 🀣

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      4. haha, if I ever change my mind, I’m definitely hitting you up. Three paragraphs in and I’m already pumped.

        haha, your daughter must be the full package. Sorry about the dog.

        What on earth were you thinking? πŸ˜‚

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      5. I have no idea. Puddi is my little sidekick / wingman / “Bruh” and has been with me since she was 8-weeks old. Hops into my car, always up front riding shotgun and joins me and my friend robbing or β€œborrowing”in the middle of night. Our eyes, ears and protection it’s weird how we’re switched on and finely tuned to each other so when she does the Pssst!!! Quick – someone’s here!!” I pay attention, trust her and ask later.

        That day I lost Cass was just random and I think it was probably the first time Pud had even seen me cry at all never mind cry like that. She must have just done the old β€œQuick! Distraction technique and evasive manoeuvres!!”

        Perfect timing too she knew I was the most crushed soul on Earth at that particular moment so felt like maybe it was a good moment to throw me off and take my mind off things.

        Hard as nails, nothing fusses or fazes her and the zero shits given right when it counts makes her the ideal companion and partner in crime.

        When I do the finger on lips she listens intently – properly listens to that last minute whispered brief “OK listen… we gotta be quiet. I’m gonna do this. You stay right behind me and wait for my signal and then you need to do that. OK? Got it?”

        Puddi pulling down a balaclava “Got it. Let’s go” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        It’s a border collie thing. They’re superb at sneaking and stealing stuff they don’t even need or want. Just love the stalking, sneaking and stealing

        Anyway yeah if you do change your mind just yell x

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