The Keys To Happiness

What makes you happy? Is it putting a smile on the faces of others? Or maybe it’s seeing your enemies suffer? True story, if you’ve ever been bullied, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a bully suffer for their crimes. Back in school a particular bully did so poorly in an examination, he had to repeat a class. Call me evil, but there was a wide grin πŸ˜€ on my face when I heard the lovely news. Retribution

Happiness is actually in the little things. The simplest things that tickle us and brighten our day. Some people laugh when they get tickled, but for robots like me, I get annoyed instead. From a gesture of someone you love to even a smile from someone you barely know. Happiness is closely related to momentary peace of mind. The euphoric feeling that all things are possible at that moment. However splendid this feeling is, it mostly doesn’t last. More like a dose of meth, you’re still usually hit with the harsh realities. You look in the mirror and yup, still ugly πŸ˜‘.

Find a reason to live. Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be. For most people, this is the biggest challenge. Some haven’t quite figured out why the big man sent them here. Chatting with mom’s the other day and I told her, “I’m not quite sure why I’m struggling, but struggle, I must!”. So if you’ve been lucky enough to realize your calling, and that it’s to be a thorn in someone else’s flesh, embrace it, stick to your task and ensure you’re happy doing it 😁. Dedication

Don’t grow up. It’s no secret that children enjoy longer bouts of happiness than adults. The older you get, the less your chances of being and staying happy. This is purely deducted from poorly done research. There are people that haven’t smiled all week and trust me, it’s not because there’s no money in their bank accounts. It’s the affairs of life constantly weighing them down. But it’s better to cry in a Ferrari. Right?

Pick up a baby. Not just any baby. Of course, you know there are babies that look like they pay rent and owe interest on a bank loan. I’ll tell you this, nothing warms a heart more than a toothless smile from a cute baby. It gets better when they start to laugh as you tickle them. All this to set you up for when they let one rip, accompanied by showers, but you’ve already been baptized once. Next thing you know, you need an inhaler because when these little rascals do a number, no air freshener can save you. Poop

Eat. Now, this could go either way. Some people lose their marbles at the sight of food. Others don’t care much and will eat whatever they’re offered. It’s been scientifically proven that she’ll be in a much better mood after wolfing down a bowl of food. So rather than ask what’s wrong, suggest ice cream or catfish pepper soup. There’s something about women and fish (I’ll save this for later). Proceed to lecture her about how it’s bad for her health afterward. Suicide

As you read this, I expect that you have a broad smile on your face. If there isn’t one, your problems are probably bigger than me and my jokes. You might want to seek help, you sad soul. Better yet, drink cold water. But know this, the only person truly responsible for your happiness…

Is you

Β© Gottfried. All rights reserved.

128 thoughts on “The Keys To Happiness

  1. Good recommendations. Growing up sadly does seem to take away people’s ability to be hopeful and happy. That’s why I enjoy spending time with kids in the family. They are curious and enjoy the moment and are resilient.

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  2. A lot of people think that. But, I found this a Bible passage that has changed view completely. It’s at Psalms 37:10,11, it says: β€œJust a Little while longer and the wicked will be no more… But the meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” Do you think this prophecy will come true?

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  3. Hah! I was attracted to this site by its title, just as you came to visit JanBeek when my title included “Happiness.” I wanted to see your take on how to create happiness in your life. I really smiled at the comment, “Pick up a baby,” because I just got to hold my great-granddaughter #3 – and YES, that brought wonderful happiness! But then, to show your wonderful, zany sense of humor, you went on to say, “Not just any baby. Of course, you know there are babies that look like they pay rent and owe interest on a bank loan.” I laughed out loud! My son was called “Mr. McGoo” when he was born… squinty eyed and wrinkly. My daughter looked like a baby bird with no feathers! But, oh, this great-granddaughter, Sienna, she owns the bank!

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  4. I smile when my enemies suffer, but also you got to keep the enemies next to you and better ,with patience they will suffer :)
    Happiness it is in the little things, right about that. Although if I was a millionaire I would be even more happy than living in a shit town full of criminals(which in my day I was one of them), but happy. I do have a room that I rent, I live with two hot hoty de hot women, (not so cool really) and I have a t.v, internet, a bed to sleep and just enough money to buy food(although eating spaghetties every day is getting old), and most important in life, money to buy my, cigarettes!

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  5. Thanks for the perspective and humor. Happiness can seem to be ever elusive. However, I recently read an article about happiness that breaks it down into categories and explains from the Bible how we can achieve it. Here’s a link:
    Thanks for these reminders. I’ll be sure to keep them in mind.

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  6. Nice piece…!!! It’s not so easy to be truely happy knowing fully well that we have to wake and face the struggles of the day. But in all we’ve got to try to be happy. I guess it’s safe to say happiness is an essential vitamin!!

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  7. You’re a foolish boy as usual. Well written. Kudos. Since I am responsible for my happiness I won’t credit you for the smile on my face while reading it.

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