The Perks Of Paying Attention

Some people have the attention span of a goldfish. In case you’re wondering how long that is, it’s a whopping three seconds. In the era when the internet and hi-tech devices take up most of our time, it is getting more important than ever to pay attention to the people and things around you.  Pay attention to what I’m telling you! You’re the type to get to the end of this post and not know what to comment on. Fish head!

It improves your accuracy. It’s true, the majority of my gender have difficulty concentrating whilst peeing. It’s worse because all you have to do is point ‘little john’ laterally in the direction of the white throne and bingo! Imagine we swapped organs with the other gender, there’d be pee, not just all over the toilet seat, but the entire floor as well. Gents, you sincerely don’t do yourself any favor by holding it in until the last minute!

Attention improves memory. Honey, the reason you’re suffering acute amnesia with a tinge of dementia at 22 is simply that you never really pay attention to anything. With one eye on a laptop screen, another on your mobile device, and both ears plugged, you’re really studying hard. It’s like in Math class, once you look out the window and look back in, the words coming out of the teacher’s mouth immediately switch to mandarin.

You become more patient. Patience is the quality that can make your life much more beautiful in the long run. Watching a movie with your partner and she keeps pausing to ask you questions about a movie you’re both watching. “Who’s that guy, and why is he trying to kill her?” Sweetie, the movie is literally about a serial killer! Indeed, patience will teach you to discover and enjoy the little secrets in your life. Like not killing your partner over flimsy things.

You start noticing opportunities. If you are careful enough to pay attention to all details during conversations with other people, you may begin noticing valuable opportunities before others. As you’re sat there during the family meeting, you can tell which of your uncles is more likely to sponsor your education, and who should get invited to the graduation. Maintaining a full focus, you read between the lines and realize that a friend in need is a bloody nuisance.

You become more thorough about how you do things. Nobody likes sloppy and negligent people. You ever walk into someone’s house and start doing a countdown for when it’s the appropriate time to leave? “Oh look, a rodent! Lovely”. These traits are not good for your job, and they can also destroy your relationships with other people. However, if you pay attention to details, you can finesse your way to yet another monthly salary doing the bare minimum.

Drastically improve your interpersonal relations. A lot of things in your life depend on the nature of your relations with other people. For instance, if you don’t build solid relationships with your boss or colleagues, you’ll hardly ever do a good job or get a promotion. It also helps if you laugh at all your boss’s dry jokes. Paying attention to what people are telling you is the best way to improve interpersonal relations, so try to embrace this kind of behavior.

Learning to pay more attention can dramatically improve your life. Only the strongest individuals are patient enough to take a break, slow down, and pay attention to the world around them. You can go from painfully single, to multiple partners if you pay attention. With this great power, people will come to you to remind them of their purpose in this world. Always do your best to mislead them so that they pay the price for not paying attention themselves.

In the game of love, paying attention is crucial. For your first love, you stopping paying attention for five minutes and next thing you know, she’s sending you a wedding invite. So you learn from the mistake and promise to do better the next time. Problem is, you can somehow tell that your team’s best player is unhappy, but your new girl is unhappy right under your nose. Tragic. As for me, at this moment, I’m so broke…

I can’t even pay attention

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646 thoughts on “The Perks Of Paying Attention

  1. Loved this! My husband worried that one of our groomsmen had printed HELP ME on the bottom of his shoes so everyone would read it when we knelt. Thanks for stopping by my blog – you are welcome any time!

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  2. De surprises en surprises, amusement, divertissement, c’est la première fois que je visionne un blog tel que celui-ci. C’en est impressionnant !
    Quel travail !
    Dans tous les cas, je suis très content de la situation.
    Bravo à vous vos efforts qui font mon Talent du Jour !

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