Why I Hate This Generation

Communication. This generation simply refuses to communicate. Or maybe they can’t? It’s appalling. Communication to a relationship is like oxygen, without it, it dies. Two things can destroy a relationship, unrealistic expectations, and poor communication. Actually make that three things, lying on impulse is one of them. You’re only allowed to lie twice a year, after which you have to wait for a new year to renew. No relationship can last without proper communication. And you cannot be the only one communicating. Reminds me of the guy who faked being dumb to avoid talking to his wife for years. A king.

Loveless. That’s why it’s harder to find anybody now. Everybody is catching a cruise. For them, affection must involve PDA and you must be involved with the individual. Whatever happened to buying me a new car? (As friends though). Everybody has a heart of stone. Nobody acknowledges feelings. Everything is destined to end in premium tears so nobody tries anymore. Cheat and I cheat back generation. Idiots. Personally, I’m intentional about anything I do. If I’m into you, I’ll tell you from the get-go. If you start acting like a goat, it’s your loss.

Depressed. This generation is just sad. Depression became something to be desired. In addition to depression, everyone seems to have lost their morals. Anything literally goes. They have created a hook-up culture. When someone does inevitably disagree with what their sexual morals entail, they become very, very offended. Parents continuing to do their children’s washing-up and household chores is another reason why they never learn to get a grip. Selfish, lazy victims who take offense at everything.

Savagery. Everybody is savage. You have to be a special type of moron to make fun of your teachers.  If you were that smart, why did anyone think it necessary to pay all those fees for you to have a session with them? Someone trips and falls heavily on the ground, and rather than help the person up, your default reaction is to bring out your phone to film? Making fun of your significant other, making them feel inadequate will earn you a seat at Lucifers’ table.

Artificial. They care so much about their looks. Why are you so bothered about the clothes you wear? You’re practically homeless! I personally feel more parents should practice kicking their materialistic kids out of the house randomly. Plastic surgery used to be something that only the celebs did and were something almost laughable just a few years ago. Now it is so readily available to any “normal” person. Now they are reaching for the knife – while proclaiming self-love and body positivity.

Entitled. This generation believes that just because they exist and breathe air, the world owes them something. The answer to this problem is simple – people will always disagree with you, just like how people will disagree with this post in general. If you can’t take the heat, don’t put it out there to the world. If you’re strong enough, then maybe you’re not a snowflake after all. This generation loves to use the free speech card and claim it as part of their values. In reality, they only believe in free speech when it agrees with them.

Opinionated. We did not inherit the silence of our mothers. Hence we talk too much. This generation loves to gossip. Everybody is in everybody else business. Do I want to hear about the woman with three teenage pregnant daughters? No! Am I intrigued by the story and want to hear the nitty-gritty details? Well, yeah! And that’s why reality TV shows gross so well. Everybody wants to put their nose into someone else’s business. It is why the Kardashian franchise exists. It is why there are Big Brother spin-offs in every country. A show dedicated to celebrating foolishness.

Offended. One of the main issues in this day and age is cyberbullying which leads to so many more conflicts like suicide and school shootings, which cause even more conflicts. My solution to cyberbullying? Just walk away from the screen. But seriously, you can’t possibly be offended at everything? Truly, social media is making this never-ending chain reaction of negatives. I can wake up and say that I love cornflakes, and some idiot will shout back at me that I’m putting oats down. Next thing you know Oat Lives Matter is trending on Twitter. Faux outrage.

Bandwagonism. Nobody is even pretending to be unique anymore. Be careful when you blindly follow the masses. Sometimes the M is silent. We get on the bandwagon in all sorts of ways. Some minor, others major. Some of you are sheep when it comes to opinions. Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everybody pretends to love. Mainstream music is just some watered down trash. A number of rappers calling themselves baby jumping around with pants below their waists. Listen to the old good shit.

Shamelessness. What I hate most about this generation is the shamelessness. You can’t even make people feel bad for being obese anymore. Good-natured bullying has been overtaken by snowflakes on the internet preaching acceptance. They have a comeback for everything. They admit all their failures and refuse to change or improve. They’re bad at something? That’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. We all die eventually, hardworking or lazy. In the end, as lousy as this generation is…

their parents were worse.

© Gottfried. All rights reserved

508 thoughts on “Why I Hate This Generation

  1. Judging from your critique, it seems like it’s the millennials that are bugging, you. While everything you say is true, I think that there is always a corollary that is as true, eg. they think the world owes them simply for existing; they also feel the world will give them nothing because previous generations have used it all up – the environment, the money, the opportunities. Sadly for all of us, the same has always been said of the previous generation – spoiled, don’t know how to work for a living, ya da, ya da, walking to school in bare feet. The one I know are trying very hard to have some semblance of a life when there is no full time income, no affordable shelter, no groceries without an automobile, and no dating without a dating site crawling with risk.

    Now if it’s Gen X your talking about I agree totally.

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  2. Parents worse? Well, I don’t think so on that one. It’s fascinating how biased we have become too as a generation. On Nigerian Twitter, for instance, you’ll find ladies clamouring for justice when males are on the offense but suddenly when men become victims especially for fake rape accusations, the same ladies are quiet. Sigh. We’re unemotional about everything!

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  3. Yup 100%

    When I say something to my kids – the response I get is .. well your generation raised this generation 🤨😄 I do not like that response lol… however – I once said those same words to my parents lol 😮 – the 60’s started it lol

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      1. Most I already have ?? I have followed for awhile – I do love your comedy!

        I liked all the ones I hadn’t seen yet – which are your most recent … but that was only because I have been busy and the feed took a back seat lol

        I kept going until it say I already liked lol… I will watch for ones I have not seen yet lol

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      2. Yeah that and they seem to forget how to even deal with people in person??

        People skills… it’s a lost art

        I got suckered into playing with her and her friends online the other day…

        How you ask? Because I was asleep when she ask me!!!

        The next day she like ok ready to play? What??

        And she said “I asked you and you said yes sure” 🤨

        But was I sleeping ???

        She made me play “Among Us” with her and all her friends lol 🤨 granted they are all in isolation currently – but I was sleeping when she asked

        I still played with them anyway / cause they get really excited when I play and I’m all cool lol … so ok fine

        Just next time ask me when I am not sleeping!!! Make sure I know what is going on!!!

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      3. Oh no she actually asked me on purpose while I was sleeping and don’t remember saying yes 🤨

        The woman has skills lol I made her very social… which also makes it interesting raising her lol

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      4. She’s awesome though ❤️

        I am also social – but she is me times a million lol

        I am raising her improved cause also making sure she is strong but with heart ❤️

        We see how the teen years go… she turns 14 soon – so it shall begin lol 😮

        Is my last – boys were so easy… she is challenging lol but awesome ❤️

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  4. The hypocrisy in this generation is what irks me the most. That is why I am more of an observer on social media because everybody wants to give their opinion on everything, whether they understand or not.

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  5. Yeah , this world has become a total nonsense ! They have become callous to Real issues … They just don’t know how to live ! They are unrelated to everyone ! No philosophy, only cheating others and ‘self’ ! We’re bound towards Sure Extinction for the Face of this Earth ! Going by this way, I’m Sure ! The Truth is told, take action or face the music ! Pls say whether I m Wrong ! Or is this the Result of extreme poverty leading to ugly competition shunning all values and ethics ?

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