The Bigger Person

You’re not big, you’re fat. Let’s be slightly more truthful. Sometimes being the bigger person means smiling and nodding while fantasizing about punching the other person in the throat. Not just because they called you fat but because they absolutely deserve it. The truth remains that you’re round around where your edges are supposed to be. I’m not going to sugarcoat it because you’ll eat it too.

For all those insults you mutter under your breath after a call, one day you’re going to get caught. Don’t treat people as bad as they are. Treat them as good as you are. Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it. Not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours. If you got the treatment you always deserved, you’d never go outside.

People who dress well with a great scent but wear a wristwatch that isn’t working are part of our problems in this country. You can’t be the bigger person if you’re 5ft and 3 inches tall. It’s really hard to pull off with a straight face or get anyone to take you seriously. If you back away from a wife, it is believed you were going to lose anyway. Short people maintain a good perspective on life because they’re always looking up.

Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head. Starting this month I’m charging rent. Can’t be taking up all that space and not getting billed. I’m always disappointed when liars’ pants don’t catch fire. I can hear the lies and I can almost taste the foolishness in the concoction. If you’re going to lie to me, at least put in the effort. I’ll still know you’re lying but I’ll acknowledge the effort.

Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right. I’m going to agree to disagree with you until we don’t agree on anything and part ways by mutual consent each preserving their warped ideology. How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged.

When you really want to slap someone, do it and say “Mosquito”. I’m tired of being the bigger person. One day I will become the very thing everyone warned me about becoming. I try to be too big to take offence and too noble to give it. But sometimes I want to stop being the bigger person and just slash her tyres. Or her husband’s? He deserved it for not doing due diligence before marrying her.

Ego death. Ego is the only requirement to destroy any relationship. So be the bigger person, skip the E and let it GO. No one has ever made themselves great by showing how small someone else is. Should you ever find yourself the victim of other people’s bitterness, smallness, or insecurities. Remember that things could be worse…

You could be them

Gottfried. All rights reserved


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