How to take Compliments

I get awkward when someone compliments me and I don’t know what to say. Someone wished me a happy birthday once and I responded, “same to you.” Compliments are gifts. Receive gracefully and simply say, Thank you. Don’t say “I know.” Don’t be a twat. What do you know?

True humility is being able to accept criticisms as graciously as we accept compliments. Dear friend, talking to you is a breath of fresh air. There are only three things women need in life; food, water and compliments. She really doesn’t want your designer bags. Just make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world. Women hate competition.

Compliments are free. Please take a compliment. Take a compliment and pass it on to the right person. Or keep it for yourself if it fits. The best feeling is being complimented on something you’re not confident about. Unless you’re like me who immediately think it’s some major bullshit.

You are definitely not someone I pretend not to see in public. And no, it’s not the huge mole, have you seen the state of your body? If there’s one thing I want in this world, it’s to make you happy. And also super powers, but that apparently seems like it’s not happening.

You make me do things I don’t like to do. Like fall in love with you when I’m not ready to. The other day I fell down the stairs just looking at you. You’re slowly becoming a health hazard. I look at you and I start having palpitations. Do you mug people as a side hustle?

Do I like being complimented? Yes. Do I know how to respond to compliments? No. Does it make me wish people will never compliment me? Yes. Do I seek validation nonetheless? Yes. Do I ever truly believe the compliment? No. Do I still need compliments? Yes.

Dear Banter Republican, I’m so glad you get my sense of humor. Because I think I’m funny, but you make it official. Aside from food, you’re my favorite. Our time together is just like a nap, it just doesn’t last long enough. Also, you have a shocking attention span but I love you regardless. You want a compliment?

I love when you leave.

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138 thoughts on “How to take Compliments

  1. I like to think of compliments as reminders. If it’s something I see fit, then I will gladly accept it. If it’s something I don’t see fit, well, then maybe I can work on that. Nice post, there is always a new perspective 😊

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