Sense and Sensitivity

The world is a magical place full of people waiting to be offended by something. Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is nothing they won’t tell you about themselves if they trust you. However, the moment you betray them, reject them or devalue them, they will end the friendship.

It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply. Yes I’m a highly sensitive person. No I’m not overdramatic. Sensitive people live with guilt and constant pain over unresolved situations and misunderstandings. If you aren’t diagnosed with this pretty popular illness, your job is to help them pull through.

It’s okay to be sensitive. That’s what happens when you have magic in your heart. Don’t mistake my highly sensitive bad ass sparkly cosmetic intuitive awesomeness for some kind of weakness or low self esteem issue. Love conquers everything except poverty and toothache. If you have both, you’re allowed to be sensitive.

Highly sensitive people are able to sense emotions in others. I joke around too much to be around sensitive people all the time. Someone is bound to get stabbed at some point. Some people just need a high-five, in the face, with a chair. Sensitive, shy-of course I was. The fun of acting is to become someone else. You just need to tap deep into yourself.

You find it offensive? I find it funny. And that’s why I’m happier than you. I’ve noticed some people seem to have plenty ideas on how others should live. Of further curiosity, is the proportionate unawareness of their own life’s discontent. I keep sanity by returning to my own life, which is the first cause.

Women are sensitive. They overthink every little detail. They generally care more than they should, but that’s also what makes their love so strong. In this very weakness, they find strength. The world is getting so sensitive. Soon, I wouldn’t be able to make fun of myself without offending someone.

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If someone throws the word “sensitive” at you like an insult, you catch that sucker, put it on a pretty ribbon, and wear it around your neck like the medal it is. Sensitive? Heaven yes! I feel everything. I use every part of my heart and I’m proud of it. Now that all the mushiness is over…

I’m off to go find someone to offend.

©️ Gottfried. All rights reserved

68 thoughts on “Sense and Sensitivity

  1. Oh Dear Lord Mr. Gottfried Hmm

    How Does One Develop THicK SKiN

    With Tactile Sensitivity So Great

    Not Even Able to Touch Most

    Man Made Materials

    Yet Thank Goodness

    No Longer Materially Reducing

    Reality Also Finding So Many Views

    of Others Fascinating DarK Thru LiGHT

    So Wonderful to Be Able To View

    More in Life Than What

    The 6 Senses

    Proprioception Bring

    God Yes as ‘They’ Dance

    Sing ‘Seeing’ More Than What

    Organs of EYeS and Ears BRinG

    Meanwhile Enjoy An Imaginary

    Stuffed Animal From me

    SweeT As Fur
    And Wings

    Wild And Free

    What Breathes WiTHiN..:)

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      1. “I think to survive in this world you need a thick enough skin.”

        First oF All Mr. Gottfried Excellent Poetic Free Verse Prompt Thanks

        With Refrain Again oF LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW

        SMiLes Mr. Gottfried GeNeRaLLy SPeaKinG NoW ‘Dog Folks’

        Always Do Their Best to Conform to the Group Think

        No Matter DarK or LiGHT in Terms of Ideology

        And Symbols Even When They Are Lied

        To With A ‘Straight’ And Angry

        ‘Tucker Carlson Face’

        Yet True Money Lost

        ‘Trumps’ Even Lies

        FoR A Target Audience As ‘the Carlson’ Gets

        Canned Enjoying All The Misery And Discontent

        Yes ‘They’ May Consume That Way on ‘5th Avenue’ YucKeR

        TucKeR Finding Someone Else to Hate Enough to Live Another

        Day in Purgatory or Even the BLacK Abyss Doing ‘THeiR’

        Best to Claw Their Way Out of the Dungeon Just Digging

        The ‘Whole’ Deeper And Deeper in An Ocean of Misery and
        Discontent Bonding Over the Dark Force of Fear, Anger, And Hate

        Yet You See i’m A Cat God Yes

        i’m both ‘Jedi’ And Furry Pants

        ‘SitH’ Enough NewLY NoW to

        Survive in One Package Hehe

        Stealthily i Change Colors of Fur

        As Trickster BRinGinG SMiLes

        to At Least Public Open Minded

        SouLED SPiRiTinG HeARTinG Folks

        WHeReVer my RamPage Dancing SinGinG Spree Goes Next

        So Very Free Yet It’s True it’s Not All About me Hopefully Someone

        Else Will Gather Enough Nuts to Become Squirrelly Free Enough

        To Dance Sing Wherever They Go Just For the Freedom that Joy Brings

        Yes Not Only Selfishly in Autotelic Meditative NiRVaNiC BLiSSinG Flow

        Yet The Radiance

        That Fearless
        Love Spreads
        Beyond All Measure

        Of Distance, Space, Time
        And A Matter of Things As Yes

        With Social Media And Video Voyeurs

        my 18,181 Miles of Public Dance in 116 Months Continues When
        (iF) i Sleep And Even if i Venture on to the Next Planet to Make Happy

        ThiS Way

        Or Whatever Way Next

        Yet It’s True ya Gotta

        Have a Will of Steel

        to Be Able to Do What

        No Body Else is Willing

        Or Even Ever Thought of to Do Hehe
        i Started Out Looking Totally Ridiculous
        Even Hazing myself on Social Media

        in my Underwear Before
        the Public Dance

        Made me a
        Bit More Buff HAha

        Yet You See That’s Really
        Not A Heavy Cross to Carry

        As the Reward is No More Illusory

        Fears or General to Acute Anxieties

        And Guess what After Decades

        of Practically Killing Myself

        to Fit in a Government

        Job Long Enough Then

        Never to Have to Work
        For Pay Again Now ‘They’

        Have Conform(ed) to me

        And The Ones Who Smile

        They Were Already Ready for Heaven Any Way…

        And It’s True i Don’t Have to Pose in my Underwear

        on Facebook AnyMore to become Fearless Why the

        Hell Do Superman And Batman STiLL Wear Hose And

        Man Panties if They Really Are Not Afraid (Thick Skinned) to Expose

        Their Man Hood In My Neighbor Hood Every Thing Goes Yet You See
        When You Don’t

        Work For Pay

        So What if You
        Get ‘Canceled’

        You Are Already
        Naked Enough Whole Complete…

        And to Be Clear i Follow All Local,
        State, and Federal Laws And Even ‘Skirt’

        By Facebook, Etc, Community Rules as i am

        Way too SmArt to Be Dumb or Numb Hehe…

        God Yes Free! “As we live a life of ease (A life of ease)

        Every one of us (Every one of us) has all we need (Has all we need)

        Sky of blue (Sky of blue) and sea of green (Sea of green) [Beautiful

        Refrain] In our yellow (In our yellow) submarine (Submarine, ha-ha!)”

        Yep This my ‘Yellow


        And i Captain

        It Free as Any Seacat Loving Wild Will HAha

        LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW…

        And Ya DAmmed Straight i Still Have Claws, (etc)

        And Teeth i Just Retract The Parts i Don’t Currently Use HehHe..:)

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          1. SMiles Mr Gottfried
            A Human With A
            Highest Standard
            IQ is only Standard
            HeART OPeN
            SPiRiT ALL That
            Is God Breathing Free
            Within No Comparison

            By Numbers
            Exploring The
            Great Divine
            Holy Sacred
            Free Yes
            And Words
            Lighting Up
            Christmas Trees
            We aRe New Colors

            Within Giving
            Sharing Caring
            Healing For All

            With Most

            Least Harm

            Basically Yes
            Forever Now
            New No Place For

            BreathinG LoVE🙏

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    1. Thank you my dear friend..

      “The fun of acting is to become someone else. You just need to tap deep into yourself.”

      “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. ”

      Just what i needed this very moment..❤️❤️

      Have a wonderful week..😀😀

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  2. I totally can relate to this post…Little miss sensitive with some sprinkle of overthinking and a dash of logic….God bless my good heart😁😁

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