This body of work is purely fictional. All names and illustrations are made up (“to make something up”, shame on you for hoping for an actual definition) solely for the purpose of your enjoyment.

If you are dark humor sensitive, I suggest you not patronize this content (full disclosure).

I’ve always thought I wasn’t much of a writer, in fact, I made a living off criticizing other’s work. And now I think (sink* In Jose’s voice) it’d be nice to give back to an ever giving society.

I mean seeing as all of you (yes you reading) have contributed a grand total of “nothing” to my life. (Can’t blame Drake for only loving his bed and mom now can you?)

P.S. Your disappointments are primarily your cup of tea! And no, this is especially not what I have been up to! (My English teacher somewhere rolling in her grave as I begin a sentence with “And”)

I’d have used a lot of emoticons to embellish the body of work but you already know I won’t.

Make writers great again.

Β© Gottfried. All rights reserved.


230 thoughts on “Prologue

      1. Ah, Mr Huxtable. Didn’t we all like his family humor type that is fitting for all ages and inteligence levels? (Hysterical laughing while eating keyboard buttons)

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  1. P.S. In many comments under your posts, I wrote about my puns intended but also about my lack of knowledge while writing in your language. So, is dark humor the same as dry defined humor?

    Also, is dark humor the only term you are willing to describe your humor?

    See, I will rather believe you than Google results.

    How many dark humor genres and subgenres are there? Are sarcastic, cynic, ironic and dark humor similar?

    Actually, how are humor types classified anyway? Is there an official taxonomy?

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    1. Dry humor isn’t dark. It’s just targeted at everyday relatable idiosyncrasies.

      I do regular humor too. I just favor dark humor

      High praise taking my word ahead of Google πŸ˜‚

      I think they all are. Ricky Gervais, Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr. They employ all four.

      I doubt that

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