The Evil That Men (Scratch That) Women Do

This should be fun. What is evil? Is it stealing the last piece of meat from the pot? Beating your younger sibling simply because…why not? Or convincing your buddy to toast a girl when you know he never stood a chance? ( I’m sorry Davies). Frankly, I don’t know, and I really don’t care. Men are evil, this I know, we’re not called Yoruba demons for fancy. You see women, even Lucifer takes notes from them.

Hell hath no fury like mother nature. Mood swings everywhere. If A lady is upset she naturally takes it out on the next person. The time I took a class. A student refused to smile or participate in the class. She told me that the reason she was upset was that a sibling had annoyed her on her way to school. As such, she was determined to stay angry throughout the day to show the sibling what she was made of later on.

Today we have time to discuss the number of women with children from other men albeit unknown to their husbands living under his roof and growing up. The secret stays safe even up until the death of the husband. But you know, women are the weaker vessels so we cut them some slack.

Infidelity amongst men isn’t some sort of myth. How about this, a lady on Instagram called out her married boyfriend for not giving her sufficient attention. My thoughts really are; what the heck is that about? Who empowers their girlfriend that much? What does the wife do? We go back to the popular quote which women despise. “Women should be seen but not heard“.

English teacher back in school was a nut case, we used to have spats on a regular. You can’t be both ugly and annoying ma’am. Pick a struggle. Anyway, this one time, she had given us hell (as usual) and left. I made a snide remark to a friend about her. You know these things they say about witches having 20:20 vision and impeccably hearing? Well, they weren’t lying. Of course, she heard me, the less said about that traumatic experience, the better.

If you thought “$5k Bae” was interesting, you should hear the story of a guy who left a bill of $83,000 for a lady he was on a date with. She was invited to a restaurant and despite the fact that the guy was in a mood to spend, still ordered within her means while the guy pulled out all the stops. He asked to be excused and never came back leaving her with a bill amounting to the GDP of Osogbo. For today I think we can all agree that sometimes men are really the scum of the earth. To be fair I think the whole story was a hoax.

Men and women are evil in their own rights. Religious people say it’s only the love of God that can take out such evil from the heart. Philanthropists think that by helping the poor and the needy, little by little, the evil in the world is cleansed. I say the evil in this world will continually persist, it’s how it was meant to be, what you owe yourself as an individual is to be the good you want to see in others.

Stay classy

ยฉ Gottfried. All rights reserved.


184 thoughts on “The Evil That Men (Scratch That) Women Do

  1. You had me at “I’m sorry Davies”.๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ My friend is convinced she is the one I’ve been laughing at for the past 10 minutes.

    You are really good – your writing style, effortless humour, unapologetic sarcasm, very obvious brilliance… but why so evil bruh?

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  2. Evil is moving furniture around in your house to deliberately screw with an old and blind dog for no reason other than to watch him twat out into furniture

    Evil is switching off the Xbox or PC when you know someone hasn’t saved their game / work and will lose everything they have spent several hours if not days working to achieve

    Evil is making a very big, very grand public marriage proposal knowing the person will be put on the spot and unable to turn you down. That’s a shitters trick.

    Evil is a person that abuses their role, authority and makes life miserable for others that have no means of speaking out, getting help and can do nothing about their situation. Evil is the same person whose only reason for going into this line of work and aiming for promotion is because it offers the perfect and easiest opportunity to abuse and control and make life miserable for others who can do nothing about their situation.

    Evil is drinking someone’s last beer without asking or replacing it. This is fucking unacceptable.

    There are lots of different things you can file under โ€œEvilโ€ but drinking that last beer and deliberately moving furniture to laugh at blind pets bouncing off everything in a confused daze are up there.

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      1. I’m not guilty of the blind dog thing but do know someone that actually did it. Made me laugh but I told her in no uncertain terms when she dies God is gonna be standing there, arms folded tapping his feet going “So then…What was that shit you pulled with the blind as a bastard dog? ย Hmmm? ย You ain’t getting in here until we’ve put right some wrongs and that dog has settled an old score with you”

        I did have the oldest collie in the world who we reckoned was about 19yrs old when she died and it wasn’t until her last six months or so she started to lose her sight, hearing and got wobbly on her feet. ย One night she disappeared when I let her out for a wee – just suddenly vanished and I’m “Bess? ย Bess? ย Where the hell has she…?”

        Poor lass fell into a hole dug for maintenance work and was mortified when I realised she was in there but it immediately became one of the funniest things in the world. ย Bess had no idea she was in a hole and being deaf as a turnip, couldn’t hear me calling her name either she just kept calmly feeling her way around like “WTF…? ย Why is the outside so small? ย Not usually this small”

        Laughed so hard and had to climb down into the hole, pick her up, plonk her back on the pavement and quickly climb out again before she started wandering again.ย 

        That was the point I realised she was losing all her sparkle and quality of life which meant doing the right thing and letting her go peacefully to sleep one last time.

        That’s another thing I file under “Evil” as well. ย People that know their pets are suffering, can see they have almost no quality of life and need help to die but won’t because of some bullshit excuse the worst being “It’s not my place to play God / I can’t do that to my best friend / he will go when ready”
        It is your place. ย 

        If he’s your best friend you will absolutely do this for him. ย 
        The poor bastard has been dragging his sorry ass around like Jessie from Family Guy for four years already. ย 
        For the love of sweet baby Jesus and all the angels in Heaven END IT

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          1. Exactly and we wouldn’t be human if it wasn’t the hardest, most heart-wrenching thing in the world.

            My beef is specifically with people who know their pet is suffering, know the options they have and people willing to support and even stay with their pet if owners can’t face it but they refuse all offers and options continuallyย coming up with the same pathetic crap excuses.

            The one thing pets do have and we don’t is the option of being helped to die peacefully. ย Not nice to decide and even worse to see it happen but if you can’t face physically being there you don’t need to be there nor feel guilt tripped and shamed for not being there. ย 

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  3. Well, one can give a dollar to you that is all money he has in his wallet – and one can give you a million and don’t even feel a lack of money – who is better person then? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. “What you owe yourself as an individual is to be the good you want to see in others.”

    By the way, I find it easy to distinguish between your older posts and recent ones. Your sarcasm is now on another level, like pro pro max

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