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King Mswati III of Swaziland (born as Prince Makhosetive on 19 April 1968) is the only surviving absolute Monarch in Africa. Crowned king of Swaziland on 25 April 1986 at the age of 18, he became the youngest ruling monarch in the world at the time.

Here is where it gets fun. He professes to be a Christian but is legally married to fifteen women. To be fair to him, he is miles behind his late fathers’ record of a hundred and twenty-five wives. Talk about giving King Solomon a run for his money. 😂

Interestingly, he also placed a ban on women below eighteen years of age from having sex, in a bid to mitigate the HIV pandemic in 2001. Just two months after he placed the ban, he violated it and guess what his fine was? A Cow. 😑

You have no choice but to love Africa.

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  1. “You Sir are a disgrace and for your actions, this court hereby demands that you hand over one cow. To whom, why and what for is no matter but you owe us a cow”

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      1. I like him !!

        “Here’s the deal, marry at least five wives and you’re assured that the government will pay for the marriage ceremonies and buy houses for them.”

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