Alternative Facts [2]

I bet you didn’t know OSAMA BIN LADEN was approximately 6ft 4 inches tall. He could easily pass for a professional basketball player.

He usually moved about with a cane, probably to chase away his many demons. Two of his most intriguing ideologies were; The Sharia Law was all-sufficient and all Jews should be exterminated.

The Jews who, according to him, are a plague to the world. It is safe to say that despite the fact that he had his fair share of ludicrous and questionable viewpoints, his attitude towards technology raises an eyebrow.

On the one hand, he was interested in “earth-moving machines”- engineering of plants but refused, on the other hand, to drink “cold water” because it was refrigerated.

Like him or not he was one of the most influential men of the 20th/21st Century.

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50 thoughts on “Alternative Facts [2]

  1. With all respect Gottfried, Bin Laden certainly was not one of the most influencial persons of the 20th century (speaking of the Jews I could mention someone else) and although he did throw up some dust, the 21th century still has 80 years to go, so it’s far to early to decide who or what will earn the Nobel price of influence. My guess is that he as a person will be a footnote in history, perhaps comparable with Gavrilo Princip, a wandering soul who provoked anger and destruction but, except by historians, will after a short while not ring a common bell.

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      1. Not gonna lie either he looked like a really nice guy to glance at him. I can imagine parking myself down and having a brew and a chat and him just being really quite polite and lovely.

        I tend to do that though; just strike up general conversation with strangers I once spent a week in Cyprus right up in the mountains on a horse ranch. We rode by these dodgy looking blokes with a little fire and stove going and they would invite us to stop and have a drink and sliced oranges. They were really nice.

        Looking back I don’t know what the hell they were doing out there and straight up wouldn’t like to hazard a guess but they were pleasant and those oranges tasted like happy πŸ™‚

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