Are We There Yet?

Influence or Affluence which is your pick? Would you rather be a Donald J. Trump, hell-bent on rewriting the history of a World Power or a Bill Gates who is well on his way to single-handedly ending extreme poverty in some countries? Growing up, at each level of growth and development, priorities change. In simpler times, the only thing I hoped for on the weekends was to be part of the Sunday rice fest. Nothing comes close to that! And now, well, let’s just say I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night debating within myself, if I did, in fact, have dinner or not.

Building and maintaining relationships is probably the most difficult thing ever. The building part seems easy, but maintaining, not so much. I mean, how do you constantly maintain a relationship with someone you no longer have any use for? At least in the foreseeable future? Let me clear it up for you. You eat your parents’ food, use their electricity, be a general nuisance all around and contribute a grand total of nothing to the upkeep of the family, but that’s all good, things are looking up. There’s the off chance that you will make it in life.

Apologizing used to be so easy initially but as you age it becomes all the more difficult, why is that? How’d I genuinely apologize over something I have no knowledge of? “Just say you’re sorry“, why? Apparently apologizing is a myth amongst parents. Your mom will rather give both her kidneys out than say she’s sorry over something wrong she did to you. She’ll rather show she’s sorry by slipping in an extra piece of chicken in your plate hoping you’d notice and understand. Fraud.

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not religion is the reason we’re where we are today. There are pastors asking you to sow seeds that you don’t even have. Reminds me of something I read somewhere, this young man had been jobless for a while and was getting really depressed. In his desperation, he decided to sell his only worthwhile piece of property, a PlayStation, and give the proceeds as an offering. Fast forward to a few months later, he’s still without a job and there’s no PlayStation to console himself with. Talk about a double whammy here (in the voice of Martin Tyler).

Technology is really deceiving at times. Here in these parts, we get to use first world technologies but still experience third world problems. Your iPhone X falls into a gutter on the Island and you can’t put your hand in and bring it out, because the way the water is set up, your hand might wither away if you try. You purchase a Rolls Royce Phantom and you only get to drive it on specific days and roads because of security and impeccable roads.

I think the older generation owe us an explanation as to why the quality of Education is a far cry from the “old days“. A young man getting asked if he can wife a lady with an esophagus and his response is; how can she have an esophagus? In fact, before the wedding plans begin, she has to go see a doctor confirm if it’s terminal. Whoever did to us, how do you sleep at night? You owe us big time, you really do.

In the words of great philosopher Gottfried, “what an old man sees lying down…is his personal problem” Wake up to the possibilities around you, stop the procrastination. I know it’s rich coming from me, I procrastinate a lot, even when it comes to posting on this blog. Either way, do better. Save that money, marry that fine girl, she loves you (I think).

Go forth and be great.

Β© Gottfried. All rights reserved.


122 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. “…….how do you constantly maintain a relationship with someone you no longer have any use for?”


    Absence may make the heart grow fonder…. BUT CONSTANT CONTACT JUST MAKES YOU MAD. dRU

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  2. ah! love … (sigh) ah, good girls who love young people doing their best … (sigh).
    ok, I’m healed: but do you really think that Bill is a benefactor? I tell you that poverty will not be eradicated, but transferred to another part of the world. (Oh, I shouldn’t have said that …) Anyway, poverty is a puppy who decides to play under the rug, the owner comes with a huge bowl full of food to get him out: he has not disappeared, he is under the carpet and he’ll come out of a different place than he came in and now he’s eating … he’s gonna get huge with those portions! 😳

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      1. my city is known, in Italy and especially abroad, for the production of weapons: mines, ballistics, pistols, rifles, etc. Here we know that the more you have a guilty conscience, the more you cleanse your image by advertising charity. Charity done well is not advertised, it does not need a return of image πŸ˜‰

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  3. β€œI think the older generation owe us an explanation as to why the quality of Education is a far cry from the β€œold daysβ€œ.”

    I think the explanation need to come from the government, past and present. Ironically, the people still re-elect them!

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