Alternative Facts [3]

JOAQUÍN ARCHIVALDO GUZMÁN LOERA nicknamed “El Chapo” meaning “shorty” by his friends. The second most powerful man in Mexico, only behind Carlos Slim. He started a marijuana farm at the tender age of 15😂. Two years later, he was driven out of his home, by his father.

At the age of 30, he did what many people today consider unconventional. He kidnapped and had sexual relations with a woman he claimed to love.

Estella in recounting the experience said it was the most romantic and daring step any man had taken, to prove his love for her. They eventually got married 😅.

He is the only convicted criminal to have broken out of a Federal Prison, TWICE! It won’t be any surprise if he inspired the TV Crime Fiction series, “Prison Break“😁.

Take a bow El Chapo, the true definition of a grass to grace. Dude literally started by selling grass😁.

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  1. It sounds outrageous but if you think more of it, you’ll realize some young kids growing up in an economically depressed area or era just choose whatever is available to them. During the first half of 20th Century in Southeast Asia, one of the handful profitable career paths for a smart young kid growing up in poverty was becoming a pirate. Many perished in the perilous career, but one or two made it big, really big.

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