Think About It

What if the reason men wear suits is so that when birds fly, they look like they’re shuffling? But it’s a figment of your imagination, which can’t be caught on camera because the opticians’ verdict is that grandma shifted her hip bone? Think about it!

What if in an alternate reality, you’re awake but yet asleep with pigs in a pen? Whose meat tastes like ice cream but old MacDonald has a farm where he sells crude oil to the Chinese government for a seat in the Parliament of Doctors? Think about it!

What if the President of Abuja is not a citizen who is law-abiding, but is in a penitentiary because dogs stay there? And he loves dogs because they are a woman’s best friend, who does her makeup only on Saturdays when a premier league referee is officiating a presidential debate? Think about it!

What if the reason students carry bags is that the waste bin is located such that it is adjacent to the moon? But to find the hypotenuse you have to apply the Pythagoras theorem of how the Berlin wall is not in China but on home soil in Arkansas Birmingham? Think about it!

What if the reason albinos are black in complexion is that they’re the original red Indians who originated from the southern coast of Brazil? Just above the Bermuda triangle, which religious circles believe is the actual resting place of Abraham Lincoln? Think about it!

What if the reason women spend that much time dressing up is to eventually come out naked? But they’re not to be mistaken with a mad man who has an intelligence quotient more impressive than that of a chicken? Think about it!

What if, as you sing this post, you start to have a migraine? But in all of this nonsense, there’s sense, which the more you think about it, makes more sense, than what you thought originally made sense but is really nonsense?


Β© Gottfried. All rights reserved.


136 thoughts on “Think About It

  1. (me to my brain)this is total trash , i wont even think about it the whole night or the next week. How can someone aim to confuse the whole world with a few words…you are something else entirely.

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  2. I think the writer was not even thinking while writing thisπŸ˜ƒ. I am trying to make sense out of this senseless piece. how paradoxical.😬
    Jokes aside, you know how to make people laugh. And that’s very rare to find.keep it upπŸ‘

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  3. What if Gottfried wasn’t born and was still in the womb kicking – think about it! where would banter republic and the rolling laughter be? Think about all the healing going on! Think about it!!! πŸ€”

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  4. πŸ˜‚ that’s really good , I mean THINK ABOUT IT, WHAT IF the world we are living in right now is not even real,. It’s just a big screen being shown to Adam and Eve what would happen if they eat the forbidden fruit in the middle of the garden

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