How to Truly Relax

The best time to relax is the time when you don’t have the time for it. Late for work? Get a few more hours sleep under your belt, you’ve earned it. Let’s face it, you’re already late. The best you can do is show up and be alert for the rest of the day. Start by doing more things that make you forget to check your phone.

Relax. It’s a healthy choice. Work hard at relaxing and feeling good. As long as you continue to provide happiness, you will live for as long as you don’t encounter a drunk driver on the freeway. I can’t wait for the day I retire. After retirement, everyday becomes a Saturday. Bliss.

Relax. Nothing is in control. Take time to do what makes your soul happy. I’m talking relaxing stuff like find an insect and slowly tear it apart like the proper psycho that you are. Or catch a rodent and electrocute it. You have all the ideas, I’m just suggesting.

Relax like your life depends on it. Spoiler alert, it actually does. I’m on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done. Just relax and accept the crazy. I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are. Every time I’m on a flight, I realize we really overestimate our problems.

Relax. Do nothing. Sometimes I just want to lie on the floor and do nothing. Yesterday I did nothing and today I’m finishing what I did yesterday. I love that for me. It’s the consistency for me. How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.

Relax. Stop thinking. If being in my pajamas by 7pm is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. A calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence making it very important for good health. Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. I’m not lazy. I’m just very very relaxed.

Relax, we’re all crazy. It’s not a competition. I hate when people tell me to relax. First of all, it’s my job to do that. Second of, if it was that easy, don’t you think I’d have done it already? You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.

Zukwanu ike!

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138 thoughts on “How to Truly Relax

  1. 6 Saturdays and a Sunday … all days of rest. Yes, that’s retirement. Hah! Don’t believe it. On those 6 Saturdays, you get to choose what to do. If resting is in order, go for it! But, you better maintain a purpose, Gottfried, or else life is not worth living! PJs at 7:00 PM? Sure, why not!

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  2. Relaxing is honestly not as easy as it seems, I was extremely sick last week my grandma ask me to stop working too hard and relax I didn’t exactly know what I was suppose to do but then when you relax a bit too much you start to get lazy and nothing good comes out of laziness. 🤣

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      1. It is. Especially when you hear that the storm surge pushed a shark into the flooded streets of a city (on the coast) not very far from you.

        Luckily, I live 26.1 miles from the nearest beach, so sharks in my front yard aren’t a big worry. Power outages and other issues, though….those are definitely not fun hurricane-related problems.

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