We need to create a department of common sense. People should be required to write special exams before they earn the right to vote. If you have room temperature IQ, you shouldn’t be allowed to participate in elections. Blind support in this day and age should be punishable by hanging. If you don’t know enough about your candidate, don’t vote.

I voted. I farted too, but there’s no sticker for that. Every election is determined by people who show up and a little bit of rigging. Here’s the problem, while some folks are frustrated and tuned out and staying at home on Election Day, trust me other folks are showing up. Democracy continues with or without you.

Election time. When choosing who to vote for is like choosing which brand of shoe gets to kick you in the balls. You could chance on a really comfy pair but whatever you do my dear friend, avoid Balenciaga. Organizing free and fair elections is more important than the result itself.

Everyone’s on facebook with their political rantings, then there’s me on Twitter scrolling through the funniest memes I can find. Dear Facebook, adding an “unfriend until Election Day” option would save me a lot of time. If voting didn’t make any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.

The problem with political jokes is that they get elected. You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out. If you must pick between two evils, pick the one you have not tried before. Regardless of who wins, an election should be a time for optimism and fresh approaches.

If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you won’t sit for a month. Voting is like choosing your favorite mosquito from the swarm. Any wrong selection and in addition to worrying about the bites, you now have the added worry of possibly getting AIDS.

Elections are always a little bit funny. People start saying things and emphasizing differences. After the election, my hope is, is that people start emphasizing what we have in common. It is enough that people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

Hold them accountable.

©️ Gottfried. All rights reserved


48 thoughts on “Elections

  1. SMiLes Mr Gottfried i’M

    Voting For LoVE iN Peace

    And i’m Not Even Running

    For Office Dam

    Straight Dancing
    Singing Spiraling Free
    Yes i’ll Vote For me Hehe

    For Nothing Nothing At All
    Letting the Clown Show Continue

    Just Watching FRoM A Distance Yes

    Verified i Come Again to Elect LoVE iN Peace


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      1. SMiLes Thanks For the Vote of Confidence
        Mr. Gottfried in Voting For me Running For Office

        Hehe Dear Lord my Knees are too ‘Mature’ For Running
        Running is For Escaping Predators Dancing Is For FRiEnDS

        With GRaViTY
        And BRinGinG
        SMiLes to Mostly
        Women i MusT ADMiT Hehe

        It’s Like Poetry As Well Not Everyone

        Gets the Metaphors the Right Hemisphere
        Processes More Than the Left Hemisphere

        That Grasps and Materially Reduces And

        Sees Life More in Literal Terms Than Even

        Real Terms As Wind Flies Hawks Currents

        of Water Swim Fish And God Yes

        FRiEnDS With Gravity

        Weight of Finger

        Tips Per all of
        my Body Weight
        111 Kilograms YeS Hehe
        You’ve Heard it Before Still
        Leg Pressing 699 Kilograms
        12 Reps at Age 62 Born on 6.6.60 Soon to Be 63
        God Yes Effortless ‘Wu Wei’ Ease Just Warming Up Now New
        At the Military Gym Yet No More Room on the Bars to Add Weight

        God Yes Politics Is the Art of Influence Life is the Art of Balance

        i Am in the iN Between it’s Impossible to Influence Gravity

        Yet It is Possible to Cooperate With Gravity And Become

        FRiEnDS With ‘Real God’ ThiS Way Head to Toe No

        Different iN Essence Yes Metaphor of

        Flying Wings of Birds Inseparable

        Now From SPiRiT of

        God New That Is

        Wind As Currents Yes

        of Water Are Swimming Fish

        And Yes As Gravity Dances me

        Free in Balance Much Less Likely

        to Harm my Very ‘Mature’ Knees hehe
        Much too ‘Mature’ to Even Kneel in Church

        For It’s True American Politics Is the Art of Bending

        Over and Kneeling to a Target Audience Celebrated on

        ‘5th Avenue Willing to Take a Bullet’ For A Greatest Fool

        oF Lies Or At Least One of ‘The Greatest’ Father’s oF ALL Lies

        To Walk the Earth Yet You See mY FRiEnD Even The Traditional

        Catholics i Go to Church With Pay Little Attention to ‘THeir Book’

        God Yes When it Clearly Says The Kingdom of God Heaven And Hell

        Will Only Be Found Within (Luke 17:21) True Purgatory too of Course

        Too as YeS Every Within of Every Human Being is

        Another View And Another Only

        Child of God to Be Alive

        Breathing Now

        New Unique

        FLoWeR NeW

        God to Unfold

        NoW Not A Tool To Only Use

        And Abuse and Even Now Become

        A 6 Inch Screen Less Than More the

        Horizon That Brings Beauty of BreaKinG

        Dawn Pastel Skies And Twilight of Sunsets

        Just Waiting For Sunrise to Resurrect the Day

        From Night And Indeed By Metaphor This iS How

        ‘Jesus’ Returns Within Us Each And Every Breath mY FRiEnD

        i Shall Vote for the Human Being Who is the Most Authentic, Honest,

        Genuine, Empathic, With Compassion For Other Human Beings Who

        Leaves No Part of the Diversity of Nature Behind And As Far As “John
        14:12” Goes Yes i Will Do Greater Works Than ‘Jesus’ More Like A “Bodhisattva”

        Unlike The End of ‘Matthew’ When Jesus Changes the Human Sheep Who Fail

        To Feed and Clothe The Starving Naked Homeless Person on the Street


        BY CHANGING HUMAN SHEEP INTO GOATS i’ve Already Been to REAL Hell

        Yes For 66 Months Where Each Second is A Thousand Years By Metaphor

        Yes All Is Time Only Parts of the River Within the Soul That

        Other Wise Flows As Nirvana And Bliss LoVE iN Peace

        Breathing For Real Dear Lord Mr. Gottfried

        New And Improved Doesn’t Always

        Come Second or Third or

        Whatever Is New The

        Idea of Compassion

        Being A Greatest Worthy

        Ethical Way of Life Leaving

        No One Left Behind Stuck in the

        Grasping Dry Left Hemisphere of Mind

        Trapped With No Colors of Heaven Within

        To Paint the Wind Free Becoming Yes One With

        Gravity Air Wings Above So Below Water Ocean

        Waves Whole God Yes THere is A Bigger Picture

        Than the Politics of Bending Over And Kneeling

        To A Target Audience As Both Politician and

        Constituents Become Slaves oF iGNoRancE

        Now For What It Even Means to Breathe

        Free Yes Be Wind God Yes Be Gravity

        Be Water Be God i Am

        No Separation New Yes

        From All That is Real Now

        So Much Greater Than Only

        A Symbol And Three Letters For A Word

        mY FRiEnD God Yes in ThiS WaY i Only Vote For Real God

        i’ve Already Tried the ‘New Coke’ It is Full of Promises of More

        Sugar And Sticks of Eternal Burning Hell Yet What it Fails to Do

        Is Breathe iN A Greater Way

        oF LoVE iN Peace


        With SMiLes

        Yes the Politics
        of Dancing Singing TRuE LiGHT

        Free Other Than That True i Have

        No Skeletons in Closets to Run for

        Office Jesus F in Christ my Skeletons

        Are Practically Hanging Every WHeRE

        i Can’t Even Die For All the Metro Area

        Who has Filmed me And Photographed

        me in 6 Inch Screens for the Last

        9 Years and 6 Months For

        A ‘Holy Fool’s’ Public Dance

        Oh God Yes Real Every WHere

        i Go Politics is the Art of Influence

        If You Really Want to Make a Difference

        Continue Practicing Arts That Bring SMiLes

        To Others Yet You See Mr. Gottfried You Are

        Already Doing This Returning to Visit You is Just Being Wind

        Water Waves

        Ocean Whole

        And FRiEnDS
        With Gravity

        FLYiNG God Wings
        A Key to Success is Yes

        God Yes Seeing the Face of God

        In Every/ALL Human EYeS And SMiLes

        As Well As Those Too Ignorant to See Who Only Frown…

        And Of Course ‘The Normal’ All of the In Between of Purgatory


        aS Only
        ‘Luke Warm
        Or Cold’ mY FRiEnD…

        Concluding Another
        966 WordS HeAVeN ON EartH

        At LeasT Hehe…

        Let’s Do 33 More Words Mr. Gottfried

        You See Truly Key Too Is Leading The

        Choir From the Back PeW AS iT iS Very

        TRuE THE MeeK iNHeRiT GoD THiS WaY Free NoW


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          1. STiLL

            Hanging Out
            To Dry “Roll
            The Bones”
            Having Another
            Try Mr Gottfried
            ‘Ball Of Confusion’
            Vote For
            me Free Hehe
            ‘Rap On Brother

            Rap On’
            Balls of
            Confusion… 🌎 🌍 🌏

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  2. I am going to be serious today. I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful unbiased approach to voting. I agree with you that we have more in common than we have differences. We all want to be happy and secure. I also think you have a wonderful idea about having a button to click so you won’t get negative political posts until after the election. You should sell that idea.

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