Losing My Mind

I’m losing my mind, but as long as I keep the part that tells me when I gotta pee, I should be okay. I’m not getting old. I just can’t remember stuff because my brain is full. I need to let go of everyone’s secrets so I can make some room. I’ll be hosting a podcast soon where I will bare it. My bribes start at $59.99.

Women want us to be mind readers. How am I supposed to tell what you’re thinking? Isn’t this a sign that you might have lost your damn mind? It took me all this time to lose my mind. What on earth made you think I would be remotely interested in trying to piece yours.

I finally lost my mind. If you find it, don’t bother to return it. It wasn’t working properly anyway. I’m off to get myself a new mind from Walmart. As you get older three things happen. The first is that your memory goes. I can’t remember the other two. Memory loss is a way of coping with damage. If you can’t remember, it’s for your own good.

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. I wish losing weight was as easy as losing my keys, pen, cellphone, my temper and even my mind. Not only is my short-term memory horrible, but so is my short-term memory. A clear conscience is a sure sign of a bad memory.

I learn something new everyday. And forget five things forever. It’s the 5:1 rule. Stop trying to learn new tricks, you’re an old dog. I find that it helps to organize chores into categories: Things I won’t do now; Things I won’t do later and Things I’ll never do. It helps put everything in perspective.

I take forgetfulness in a positive stride because I also forget the problems. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow just as well. I told you that I do not have Alzheimer’s. I have “Some-timers”. Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don’t. You’re only as old as you think says the person with dementia.

A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience. In the universities, somehow the faces are longer; maybe it’s the weight of knowledge or something. Ignorance truly is the key to unlocking true bliss. I’ve lost my mind. If found handle with extreme caution. It may be dirty and is definitely dangerous. Feed your mind. Whatever your problem is

The answer is not in the fridge

©️ Gottfried. All rights reserved


70 thoughts on “Losing My Mind

  1. That is a wonderful way to make money. I can’t wait to read that post. You had better start reminding people to make their payments because I hear prices are rising at Walmart. There is no telling what a new mind will cost.

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  2. I think $59.99 is way too cheap, seeing as I know you always have the most dirt on even the most guileless.

    Anyway, memory loss is good for the bad stuff like trauma. Many of us coped because we suppressed the memories and found a way to move on. But it must be hard on friends and loved ones that have to live with the fact that someone they love doesn’t remember them!

    I think I should visit a hypnotist soon😌. There are some people I need to thrash solidly. They’re balling cause they think I forgot!

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    1. Okay, so maybe $399.99? I’m open to new and improved bids.

      They will have to get used to the program. Everyday is an opportunity to introduce yourself 🤣

      Especially if they owe you money and you forgot

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  3. iNDeed Mr. Gottfried in Terms of That Word Chatter
    Mind That Depending on Who We May Study Makes

    Up Somewhere Tween 5 Percent And A Half Percent

    of Total Mind Processes How Wonderful It is to Lose

    A Neo-Cortex That Way And MoVE iNto ‘Transient

    Hypo-Frontality’ Just A Fancy Dancy Singy Way

    of Truly Dancing And Singing Meditating

    Free in Flow Or Doing ‘Zen Motorcycle

    Maintenance’ Whatever May Embody

    Us Greater Than Just Word Think WHere

    Ironically Poetry From Soul May Ascend and

    Transcend Regular ‘Word Think’ Free Too With SMiLes

    And Speaking of that Dear Lord Mr. Gottfried on the Cusp

    of Completing 18,000 Miles oF Public Dance in 9 Years and 6 Months

    Already Getting the Multi-Media In Video Ways of the Free Public Dance

    Activity Together Usually Capturing Something Hilarious About the General

    Audience As my Wife Serves As Video Taker at Least Where i Get to Do All

    The Writing, Directing, Producing, of the Free Play of Life Just LoSinG

    mY Mind All The Way Through A ‘DaY iN The Life’ of Dancing And

    Singing Free in Flow THiS WaY too Such A Holy Way to Move

    And Sacred Way to Sing Free Just Out of mY Mind

    Like i’m Doing Now With SMiLes Oh Dear

    i Could Go On and On FRiEnDS

    With Gravity in Effortless
    (Weight of Finger Tips
    And 10 Twinkle Toes)
    Wu-Wei-Tao-Zen Flow
    Yes Samadhi Satori
    Prana Kundalini
    RiSinG Yoga Oh
    Dear Lord Kingdom
    of Heaven Luke 17:21
    Style in John 14:12 Ways too

    As i Shall Still Complete “Nether
    Land Bible 9 MiLLioN Words 81
    Months” Yes 6 Years And 9 Months
    iN Celebrating MacroVerse Blog Post Way
    First Before EMBArKinG On A Next Celebration
    MacroVerse Blog Post For “18,000 MiLes oF Public
    Dancing” in 9 Years and 6 Months Same Span of Entire
    “SonG oF mY SoUL” Per 11.4 MiLLioN Words Where
    “FB Profile Pic Bible” Also Arises to 7.4 MiLLioN Words

    in 69 Months Oh All the ‘Synchronicities’ of 6’s and 9’s
    And 1’s And 8’s All ‘Holy And Sacred Numerology’ too

    Dear Lord Additionally in Series of 18 Facebook Profile
    Pics Illustrating Around 8,000 Words of Small Subchapters

    of The Whole ‘Thing’ too Yep A Trilogy of 3 Ongoing EPiC
    Long Form Poem Bibles Just to Show And Prove How to


    Lose One’s

    Mind THiS WaY

    Hehe as Last Year

    in Total the Description
    Areas of Facebook Profile Pics
    Numbering 2265 HouSinG About
    8,000 Words Each Totaling 18.1 MiLLioN Words
    And 16.8 MiLLioN Words The Year Before With
    2100 Facebook Profile Pics Then And Around 8,000
    Words Per Facebook Profile Pic Description Areas Housing That too…

    And Additionally Casually Described 8th New Testament “Depth of The
    Story” Still Topping A Google Word Search Where 2.4 MiLLioN Words
    in EPiC Long Form Poetry in the Last 30 Months Is Housed in 65 Pages

    THere WHere Each Page Now Comes to the Length of A Novel Blog Poem
    New From Top to Bottom As This is the Start of Page Number 66 THere WHere

    YeS Only the Registered Members of the “Wrong Planet” Are Counted in Views
    Where it is Housed Among 152,000 Views So Far THere Many of Who Suggest
    (At Least

    i Don’t

    Make Sense

    And Am Not Worth

    Reading Well mY FRiEnD

    It Doesn’t Matter As i’ve

    Lost My Mind Anyway

    And Just Dance and

    Sing in Heaven

    Free Hehe Yes

    And So True THere
    Are More Than A Few
    PerKS in Heaven too HAha

    God Yes Yet That’s Just Part of the
    Dance And Song in Another Day
    in the Life of me With SMiLes As i’m
    Reaching 2:23 AM Over HeaR iN Florida Now

    on the 13th Of March 2023 Such A Wonderful New

    to Lose
    A Mind Hehe
    in Just Another
    DaY iN The Life
    of Little Old me With SMiLes…

    i’M STiLL WiDE AWaKE! WiTHouT

    A MiND


    Once Again
    Such A Beautiful Sooner Than Soon
    Way to Be Reborn i AM And Return Free!…:)

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      1. Truly Exceptional Exercise of ‘Pre-Cognition’ Mr. Gottfried

        Just Another Fancy Dancy Singy Way of Dancing Singing Dear

        Lord You Must Be Psychic Per Your Forecast of “Losing my Mind PT. 2”

        So Very True As Synchronicity Will Have it too Dancing Yesterday At Ross

        Dress for Less Piling on the Miles for 18,000 Miles of Public Dancing

        in 9 Years and 6 Months Getting the Wife to Videotape Just

        Another Thousand Mile Increment of Evolving

        Meditating Flow of Dance Weight of Finger
        Tips and Twinkle Toes All 10 Yes i Spotted

        What Appeared to Be A Young Man Smiling
        Ear to Ear With His Wife True Most Folks Seem

        Young These Days Considering i Usually Accumulate

        The Most Numbers of Age Among Those Still Interested in

        Dancing Life Anyway He Recognized me from my 6 Year Stint

        of 298 Weeks of Dancing College Night Thursdays at the Biggest
        Metro Dance Hall By Far Since Covid-19 Took That Away On March 12, 2020

        And My Wife Worries About me Going Back Driving Among Drunk Folks After

        2 AM As Such in the Larger City i Travel to For That and Mall Dance too And

        Bookstore Dance too as There isn’t
        A Bookstore in the Town i Am From

        More of a Fishing and Hunting Place

        For How All of that Goes Yet Anyway

        Back to Part 2 of Losing Minds or

        Perhaps Yes Part 3 If We Include

        Your Blog Post of Course on Your Blog Hehe…

        i Went on to Monologue the Young Man on the Benefits
        Of Public Meditating Free FLoWinG Contemplating Dance

        Opening Up More Pathways of Using Our Right Hemisphere

        More Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Complex Emotional Part of Mind So We Don’t Get Called a “Computer Brain” Like i Used to Be Named As Such At School

        At Work And Even After That Online Before i Got That Poetic Spark Back in 2013

        Yes i Went on to Explain That Folks Who are More Stuck in Left Hemisphere Brain

        Dominance Are Less Likely to Use Pro-Social Emotions to Motivate Themselves

        And Are Not As Likely to Be Able to Understand Metaphors or Even Understand

        And Use Humor Very Much Either Yep Like Folks Stuck in Science Abstract

        Black and White States of Mind Where Something May Be Considered

        All Good Or Bad Missing the Grey Shades of Life and All the

        Lovely Hues of Colors That Particularly Bring a Glow

        To A Woman’s Face And Other Places Not Usually

        Talked About in Public Places Hehe True There

        Are Some Parts of Life Folks Who

        Don’t Fully Exercise Their Right

        Hemispheres of Minds

        That They Miss Out on

        Like the Real Kingdom of
        Heaven Within All that Bliss
        And Nirvana Stuff For Real too of Course…

        i Went on to tale Him How The Psychiatrist Who
        Diagnosed me With Asperger’s Syndrome Thought
        Maybe the Two Sides of my Brain Weren’t Even Communicating in 2008

        As i Had Difficulty Even Describing in Words How the Music i Composed

        On the Piano Made me Feel Other Than i Felt Like i Was Trying to Escape

        From Hell Where That is Kind of Like Where You May End up Feeling

        Kinda Numb Except For Emotions Like Fear and Anger Associated

        With Adrenaline And Really Become A Stuffed Shirt

        As Such And Just Considered More of A

        Valuable Commodity at Work

        To Solve Problems Rather

        Than Being Fully Human As
        Such Getting Invited to After-Work
        Activities And The Such or Even Feeling

        Like You Belong in a Cigarette Break Although
        You Don’t Even Smoke So You Sit in Your Office Alone…

        Then He Went on to Say His Brother Has Asperger’s Syndrome

        And Dear Lord An Amazing Synchronicity too Considering We Were
        Talking About Hemispheres of the Brain as He Turned His Head Toward

        me And Showed me A Big Scar on His Head Where He Got into A Car

        Accident And Literally Lost Most Of His Right Hemisphere of Brain

        And He Said All He Had Was the Emotion of Anger Hard to Control

        And He Had Great Difficulties With Cognitive Executive

        Functioning Including Focus and

        Attention Span And Short

        Term Working Memory and Long

        Term Memory Retrieval As Well Although

        After Years of Recovery Amazingly His Left Brain

        Hemisphere Rewired Itself Through Years of Therapy

        Where He Feels Almost Back to Normal Now And is Fully

        Functional in Life As Well After Losing Literally About Half His Mind

        Of Course The top of Our Brains Our Cerebrum That Processes Reason

        Comes into Play With Specifically the Lower Part the Cerebellum too that

        Actually Has 4 Times As Many Neurons As the Newer Part of the Brain the

        Neo-Cortex As True Science Shows Moving Meditation Works Great Also

        to Enhance Social Empathic Emotional Intelligence in Spiritual Real

        Holy And Sacred Divine Feelings and Senses of Life As True

        Our Ancestors Have Used Dance to Ascend And

        Transcend to the Divine Part of Mind For

        Centuries on End As Actually

        Naked Enough Whole

        Complete We Have the

        Tools of Free Dance And Song

        Innate to Accomplish These Feats of

        Balancing Life FRiEnDS With Gravity With

        No External Tools at All Yet i Will Admit my Athletic
        Shoes Work Great on the Smooth Floors at Walmart and
        Ross Dress for Less for Public FLoWinG Dance Plus it Helps

        That i Have Corrective Lens Shades to See and Yes that Leg Press

        Machine Warming up With 699 Kilograms 12 Reps is A Real ASSeT at the

        Military Gym to Not Only Please my Wife No Longer Having a Flat Butt Yet

        Protecting me and Healing me Faster From Minor to Potential

        Major Injuries Incurred on Public Dancing Trails

        AS Such Anyway the Young Man’s Recovery

        As Well As My Journey into Emotional
        Regulation And Sensory Integration
        Using Public Dance And Yes Poetic

        Song of Free FLoWinG Writing too

        Shows How Much Use it or Lose

        It Counts in Life and Yes

        The Amazing Abilities

        of Both Our Mind And Body

        Whole Soul in Recovering And

        Pursuing So Much More Human Potential too

        As Yes We Become Embodied With All of Nature

        Integrating in Balance Head To Toe And So Much

        More to Heavenly Move Connect And Co-Create ThiS Way

        As Our Modern Capitalistic Societies Are More About Grasping

        And Owning in Left Hemisphere ways of Mind Than The Bigger Picture

        Views of Literally

        And Metaphorically

        The More Social Empathic
        Artistic Spiritual Potential of Humanity

        Brings in Right Hemisphere Ways of Literally

        And Metaphorically Breathing God in Terms of

        LoVE iN Peace in Integral Harmonious Radiant Ways

        Holy And Sacred Feeling Sensing DiViNE HEaVeN For Real So

        Beautifully Wise At Least Within And Perhaps Giving Sharing Caring Healing

        With IT For Free For All God Yes With Most Respect And Least Harm For All too


        All of Nature

        DarK Thru LiGHT LoVE iN Peace

        God Yes WHere Basically Existence

        Becomes Full Time Bliss and Nirvana

        Newly Now Yet True it Will Be Hard to Do in our Assigned

        Spots as Cogs in the Machines of Modern Society For Real

        Yes my FRiEnD i Buried That And The Green Stuff too Yet

        Every Once in
        A While my

        Wife Reports

        It’s Still Growing

        Like Mold in Secure Places

        That Won’t Fail Like Some Banks
        Recently in the United States as True

        If You Are Gonna Survive And Thrive in This

        World It Takes Both Yin and Yang in Balance Yes

        Art and Reason Where ‘Forrest Gump’ And ‘Sheldon Cooper’

        Become One

        Force of Art
        iN SMaRT Does

        What Smart and Art Does

        in Yes Science And Art Mind
        And Body Whole Soul For Real to DO

        THere Are Lots of Folks With Extremely

        High Standard IQ’s in this World Who Are
        Missing the Heavenly Human Place of LoVE iN Peace

        For Real Within

        It Doesn’t Come

        With a Manual

        It Is Still A Place of
        Wonder to Explore Yes

        With the EYes of A Child
        So Wide Awake They Don’t
        Even Wanna Miss Anything With Sleep…

        SPeaKinG of That Dear Lord i Feel a Nap coming on again…

        Or Perhaps Another Free Dance to Escape All This Word Stuff HAha…

        Since the Last 680 Hehe..:)


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          1. Support For Freedom

            Always A Lovely Way

            Mr. Gottfried Much Respect

            to You For Valuing Freedom in Free
            Play Hehe Even if it Comes And Comes

            Again Like A Tsunami
            Or ‘Assteroid’ Hitting Earth

            Best in the Deep Blue Oceans
            Hehe Where Blue Whales Like

            me Yes Roam Now And
            Explore New True With

            No Worries of Target
            Audiences or Who Might
            Be Watching Hehe True Dancing
            And Singing Free Play No Longer Working

            For Someone Else’s Play They Are Directing
            And Producing of me as A Valuable Commodity

            And Servant For Pay

            Shining Stars We May

            Become Unto Our Authentic Self
            And That Reminds me Hehe i Just
            Published A Two Week Effort Celebrating
            “Nether Land Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old 81 Months”

            AKA 6 Years And 9 Months of Effort And Only A Subchapter
            of “SonG oF My SoUL” 11.4 MiLLioN Words in 9 Years and 6 Months

            Of Effort Along With 18,000 Miles of Public Dance As my Wife Busily
            Captures Videos of me Currently Celebrating That Milestone And Feat

            Note Writing Now mY FRiEnD It’s True Along With “FB Profile Pic Bible”
            in 69 Months of Effort at 7.4 MiLLioN Words Also Included in Series of
            18 Or So FB Profile Pics Housing 8,000 or So Words Each As the Last

            Ongoing Subchapter of “SonG oF mY SouL” Along With “Depth of The
            Story” That Solo Thread on the “Wrong Planet Website” Yes NoW in the
            30th Month of Effort in 66 Pages NeW Where Each Page Holds A Novel

            Sized EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Like the Rest of All 11.4 MiLLioN

            Words of “SonG oF mY SoUL” And It’s True Newest Smart Phones Are

            No Longer Powerful Enough to Open Up The Bi-Monthly Efforts Like
            The One i Just Published at 61,399 Words With Around 300 Photos to
            Fully Illustrate It and Scores of YouTube Music Videos to Accompany

            Every Word

            Yet It’s True

            in My View

            Life is About

            Meeting All Our Human
            Potentials We May Excel
            For Great Praise and Thanks

            For This Gift of Life From A God That is Real
            And Present NoW iN ALL oF Existence Including

            me and You As True Every Face i Meet And Every

            Word i Greet Is Just Another Part of the Miracle and
            Real MaGiC of All that is God For Real mY FRiEnD too Big

            to Measure

            Yes Indeed

            Much More

            Than i am Able

            to Produce as Just Another
            Grain of Sand Holding Hands
            With the Rest of the Beach That is me too With SMiLes

            It’s “Perfectly” Acceptable to me for someone to Lose Their
            Mind Yet in Practice it’s Truly Hell to Lose One’s SPiRiT HeART SoUL…

            That Much
            i Hold
            With SMiLes Free God Yes

            And It’s Okay if No one Reads
            my Blog or the Other Few i Just
            Copied And Pasted For What i Do

            As True It’s All Just Copies and Pastes

            in Responses to Others Free Verse Poetically
            All Around the Globe Just Like This to Arrive New

            in Heaven Now is to Stay mY FRiEnD Naked Enough

            Whole Complete

            LoVE iN Peace
            Always STaRTinG Story NewLY Now

            Shining Stars STill Birthing Free We aRe We Do
            Happy Easter Less Than A Month Today to Play Again…

            i Gave Up
            For ‘Lent’
            It’s Kinda A Tradition

            Continuing New to ‘Lose A
            MinD EVeR EXPaNDinG SouL MoRE NOW..:)

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