So I asked my readers/fans/friends to pay tribute to me. Their opinions range from the mundane to the downright ridiculous. Here are the most profound paragraphs that made the cut. Enjoy!

Gottfried is the type of man to knock a passenger in a moving bus and run away after.

Mr. Easy life. He doesn’t like stress at all. Dad was sure he was so lazy, he wouldn’t be able to make it to high school. There were mornings when everyone would be hustling and bustling to get to school, but Ragwo had shut down. His system will remain on hibernate and he’d sleep for at least three days. It was his own way of factory reset though, to be able to continue his journey on mad Earth.

Witty. Funny. Sarcastic as hell. Kind. Honest. Says it as it is. Always open to learning. Loving. A shoulder to lean on when you need it.

Gottfried is like Channel 4; full of independent programs of minority interest. He doesn’t find favor in the eyes of all, but by Christ, he’s splashed like hell. Thriving in the face of conflict and being at peace in the midst of controversy.

Gottfried is a talented, focused, smart, free-thinker. He’s also a bully, likes mild trouble and women codedly. He’s not as open-minded as he’d like to think. He is an arse!

Gottfried’s kind is rare – you know I still ponder on whoever taunts people just so they could be free with him, that was really a great approach to getting into my thick skin. Your sense of humor is one of a kind and that alone is worthy of my time.

I remember I heard of an incident from school, where a message was sent to your mum that you were sick. She hurried down, only to see you in the football field shouting at the top of your voice… “PASS THE BALL!!! PASS THE BALL!” She came closer, then called your name. Legend has it that the look on your face that day has never been seen again!

Dude is brutal in words and calm in actions. Whenever he compliments you, enjoy the nice words while it lasts because you don’t know what the next minute holds. However, deep down in his left auricle, there’s a soft spot that makes you forget how annoying he can be.

Of course, you might not agree with everything. Also if yours didn’t make the cut, feel free to write yours in the comments.

If you still can’t see them, I deleted itπŸ’€

Β© Gottfried. All rights reserved.






326 thoughts on “Gottfried

  1. I’ve come very late into this article so this will be irrelevant now and no one will see it anyway. I don’t know you but here’s my guess:

    Ebuka aka “Gottfried” is a perfectionist. Whatever he does, he does it the best. However if it’s something he’s not interested in, don’t waste your time trying to force him. He won’t do it.

    He comes out often as annoying, rude and ignorant but that’s because he doesn’t give a damn and prefers to be honest to your face.

    Deep down he is a caring person but he is frustrated and annoyed at the bad things in this world. That’s where he gets his sarcasm from. It’s how he copes.

    He lacks patience with people. Everyone all seems so slow. As a smart man, he sees things people don’t, and so he gets frustrated by their dumb ways.

    He likes to learn. He spends most of his time watching films and reading/viewing content from the internet. His level of knowledge surpasses most, but it’s not enough for him. He continues to learn, and won’t stop.

    He doesn’t like to be labeled or typecast and limited to any boundaries in any way. Try stopping him from exercising his freedom or telling him what to do and you’ll never see the end of day.

    He is always surrounded by people. He has many friends. He draws people in and they find it hard to ignore him. However out of all these friends he seems to have, he feels lonely sometimes, because how can there be so many people yet none of them understand him, or can match his level of wit and knowledge. In fact, this article was a test to see what people think of him. You can bet that he’s lost contact with many who gave him a tribute that clearly shows they don’t know him at all or appreciate how he has helped them so far.

    People who take life too seriously put him off. At the same time, he can’t stand to be around immature people.

    He has a high ego, and this sometimes gets him into trouble. Although he’s better than most in many ways, he constantly needs to be reassured of this.

    He wants people to understand him, yet he is highly guarded. He’s a very private person. So if what I am saying is correct, chances are high that this comment will be deleted…

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